989 Studios

Twisted Metal 4 [PSX – Beta]

Twisted Metal 4 is a car combat game developed by 989 Studios which permits the usage of ballistic projectiles. Players choose a vehicle and an arena – or a series of arenas in the story mode – to engage in battle with opposing drivers. A variety of weapons are obtainable by pick-ups scattered throughout the stage. The objective of the game is to be the last one standing.

The Beta footage shared by Playstation Museum includes different controls (not seen in the video) and different camera angles in order to create algorithms so the player would have not be able to see behind their car into the empty world outside the walls. There are also some small differences in level layout and a WIP graphic engine.



Barnstormers [PSX – Cancelled]

Barnstormers is an arcade racing game in the vein of Mario Kart (but with flying aircraft), that was in development by 989 Studios in 1998, for the original Playstation. The project was later cancelled for unknown reasons, but you can still check some target renders in the gallery below.

Thanks to Hey Hey for the contribution! Some more concept art for racing tracks were archived from Concept Art Org



The Diabolical Adventures of Tobu [PSX – Cancelled]

The Diabolical Adventures of Tobu is a cancelled flight-based action game that was in development by 989 Studios for the original Playstation. As we can read in a preview from Game Pro 111 and EGM issue 109 (thanks to Celine for the scans!), the game was set in a medieval asian world, where the young winged hero, Tobu, had to rescue his uncle from the vile emperor, Nee Hithol, and his minions.

While the gameplay could have been similar to other platform / action games, the interesting part was the 360-degree freedom of flying in those stylish 3D worlds, to fight enemies, collect power ups and search for secrets and hidden areas. From what we can see in the few screenshots released, Tobu looks somehow similar to another cancelled game, Dead Phoenix for the GameCube and as the Capcom’s title, it could be compared to Kid Icarus too. Sadly the project was never finished for unknown reasons.

Thanks to Celine & Hey Hey for the contributions!


Twisted Metal 3 [PSX – Beta]

Twisted Metal III is the third game in the Twisted Metal vehicular combat series, released in 1998. After a contractual dispute with the developer of previous games in series, SingleTrac, Twisted Metal development duties were handed over to Sony’s in-house development team, 989 Studios. [Infos from Wikipedia]

In the Youtube Channel of Playstation Museum, we can see an interesting video from an early build of TM3, in which there were some vehicles that were removed from the final version and some differences in the levels layout!

Thanks to AMB Cloud for the contribution!