The Diabolical Adventures of Tobu [PSX – Cancelled]

The Diabolical Adventures of Tobu [PSX – Cancelled]

The Diabolical Adventures of Tobu is a cancelled flight-based action game that was in development by 989 Studios for the original Playstation. As we can read in a preview from Game Pro 111 and EGM issue 109 (thanks to Celine for the scans!), the game was set in a medieval asian world, where the young winged hero, Tobu, had to rescue his uncle from the vile emperor, Nee Hithol, and his minions.

While the gameplay could have been similar to other platform / action games, the interesting part was the 360-degree freedom of flying in those stylish 3D worlds, to fight enemies, collect power ups and search for secrets and hidden areas. From what we can see in the few screenshots released, Tobu looks somehow similar to another cancelled game, Dead Phoenix for the GameCube and as the Capcom’s title, it could be compared to Kid Icarus too. Sadly the project was never finished for unknown reasons.

Thanks to Celine & Hey Hey for the contributions!



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3 thoughts on “The Diabolical Adventures of Tobu [PSX – Cancelled]

  1. W9

    I remember seeing something about this one in a psx game’s front (I don’t remember if it was Tomb Raider game or Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver). I really through this was released. To bad, because it looks interesting. Thanks for sharing this information!

  2. Terrance Graven

    This game was also supposed to contain cutscenes that featured stop-mo animation. We reused armatures that were used in Nightmare Before Christmas! I worked on it many years ago, and hopefully will be able to post photos and a video on my website.

    1. monokoma Post author

      Interesting, thanks a lot for sharing your memories Terrance! We plan to write a better article about Tobu in the future, so every new info or media will help to remember it :)

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