Landstalker [PSP – Cancelled]

Landstalker was an Action-Adventure game in development for the Playstation Portable by Climax Entertainment, it was to be an updated port of the Sega MegaDrive/Genesis game “Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole”, and had a proposed release date of Spring 2006 in Japan.

After a lack of updates given by the developer the game was officially cancelled and only a short tech demo video remains to remember its existence.

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Gekido: The Dark Angel [PSP – Cancelled?]

The developer of Gekido, NAPS Team, announced that a second sequel (or the actual sequel itself) was in development for the PSP, titled Gekido: The Dark Angel. A few screenshots and a trailer have surfaced, but as yet the PSP title has largely gone unnoticed, without much information. The release date was projected to be Christmas 2006 but to no avail; most likely a publisher has not yet accepted the game, it is still in development or cancelled. There are no new info on the game from a couple of years. The teaser-trailer for Gekido: The Dark Angel resembles anime-like characters and a character named Samuel with looks that seem to have been inspired by Dante from Capcom’s Devil May Cry.[Info from Wikipedia]




Advent Shadow [PSP – Cancelled]

Advent Shadow was a video game developed for the PlayStation Portable handheld and a side story of Advent Rising, however, the game was cancelled. It follows the story of Marin Steel, a mercenary pilot thrust into a saga of intergalactic proportions. In the midst of extracting herself from a hostile negotiation, Marin is interrupted by a planetary invasion led by monstrous aliens bent on human genocide. In her efforts to escape the dying world, she encounters young Gideon Wyeth, the protagonist of Advent Rising, and together they find themselves swept up in a massive struggle against dire forces bent on the destruction of humanity.

Unfortunately, Majesco suffered some financial difficulties, and due to the poor sale of Advent Shadow’s console predecessor, Advent Rising, the game had been quietly cancelled in January of 2006. – [Info from Wikipedia]




Earthworm Jim [PSP – Cancelled]

A new Earthworm Jim game was in development for the PSP, but sadly the project was soon cancelled. As we can read on Wikipedia in 2006 Atari announced that they had the rights to bring Earthworm Jim to a portable video game system, with many new elements to be introduced, such as the ability to stop gameplay at any time and dance. On 18 June 2007, PSPFanboy stated on their website that they had contacted Atari and that it had been said that the game had been put on hold, probably due to Atari’s financial difficulties and the sale of the games developer Shiny Entertainment.

From Gamezone there are some more info on the development problem with the Earthworm Jim license:

You see, David Perry, one of the original founders of Shiny Entertainment, was ready to get everything off the ground and revive the lovable worm, but there’s one underlying problem that caused it to reach its inevitable cancellation: royalties.

Earthworm Jim was originally published by Interplay, the often money-troubled company that sold off the entire Fallout franchise to Bethesda Softworks to help combat their debt problems. Back in 2006 though, before the sale of the entire Fallout intellectual property, it was reported that they needed $75 million to complete their Fallout MMO project and just by chance, this Earthworm Jim project was set to start around the same time frame.

So as luck would have it, Interplay was in dire need of money and had no way of paying off owed royalties from years past to Shiny Entertainment that included the television show, toys and much more that sent the worm into the stratosphere of superstardom.

Thus, Interplay, Atari and Shiny Entertainment went to bat and struck out.

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GTA: Vice City Stories [PSP – Beta]

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