Traxion [PSP – Cancelled]

Traxion [PSP – Cancelled]

Traxion was a rhythm game for the PlayStation Portable by British developer Kuju Entertainment. It was scheduled to be released in Q4 2006 by LucasArts, but was cancelled in January 2007. The game was to feature a number of minigames, and would support imported songs from the player’s own library as well as the game’s bundled collection. [Info from Wikipedia]

Original Press Release: Gaming and music combine like never before on your PSP in Traxion — where your tracks drive the action. Loaded with dozens of minigames and a variety of music from leading artists — and fully compatible with every music file on your memory stick — Traxion sucks you in as the music not only provides the soundtrack, but also changes the way the games are played! Imagine the rocking guitar chords of heavy metal, the strong beats of rap, the smooth tones of jazz, or even the crazy pace of polka — all impact gameplay in a different way. Traxion’s unique music analysis tool allows for your favorite tunes to drive the gameplay, resulting in a dazzling visual and sensory experience that is different every time you play. And because you control the music, infinite possibilities for personalized gameplay experiences exist. Change your tune and change your game when Traxion, developed by Kuju Entertainment, releases this fall.


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4 thoughts on “Traxion [PSP – Cancelled]

  1. Mindbleach

    It’s a shame they didn’t release this, because AudioSurf is very similar and ended up selling like crazy on Steam.

  2. Darksidehearts

    I know, I would have loved to play with my Japanese music and see how long it would take me to try to survive lol. Sony what are they thinking? So let me get this straight, insted of awsome original games like this we keep coming out with ports of games already made?…..yeah….that’s…good….*yawn*

  3. Sicked

    This is some bs!!!! Right now, I could be playing my own music without being bored. Sony needs to affiliate with some of the companies out there. For example, Mugen. This is one of the fighting games that could of make a hit. We already have MK vs. DC Universe. Another example is Mirror’s Edge. If it’s on the PS3, shouldn’t PSP have a chance at it? Now if we played Traxion, it would of helped us alot better than listening to music while looking dumbfounded. Most of the games they produce..what they think might not have a hit?, might make the game a huge hit? but they also get the benefit of earning alot much more money than usual…..Bring Traxion back to life!!!!…Watch what happens!!!….If you believe in this whole thing I wrote post this around to bring this game back 2 life

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