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Legend of Starfy – Densetsu No Stafy[GBC – Cancelled]


A cancelled Game Boy Color prototype of the first Densetsu no Stafy title. It was cancelled due to the release of the Game Boy Advance. Densetsu no Stafy (Densetsu no Sutafī – “Legendary Stafy”) is a video game series developed by TOSE and published by Nintendo. The genre of the series is a special kind of platform game called “marine platform”, due to the game being more about swimming than running and jumping around. The series is the only franchise that TOSE owns the copyright for, although Nintendo owns the copyright as well. It was released in 2002 with Densetsu no Stafy for the Game Boy Advance, and was then followed up by three sequels: Densetsu no Stafy 2 for GBA in 2003, Densetsu no Stafy 3 for GBA in 2004 and Densetsu no Stafy 4 for Nintendo DS in 2006. – [info from Wikipedia]

You can find more info on the GBC version in the Starfy Wiki!

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Space World 2000 Trailer:


Zelda: Link’s Awakening [GB – Beta / Unused Stuff]

As we can read on Wikipedia, Link’s Awakening began as an unsanctioned side project; programmer Kazuaki Morita created a Zelda-like game with one of the first Game Boy development kits, and used it to experiment with the platform’s capabilities. Other staff members of the Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development division joined him after-hours, and worked on the game in what seemed to them like an “afterschool club”. The results of these experiments with the Game Boy started to look promising, and following the 1991 release of the Super Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, director Takashi Tezuka asked permission to develop a handheld Zelda title; he intended it to be a port of A Link to the Past, but it evolved into an original game.

Tezuka recalled that the early free-form development of Link’s Awakening resulted in the game’s “unrestrained” contents, such as the unauthorized cameo appearances of characters from the Mario and Kirby series. Tezuka intended the game’s world to have a similar feeling to the American television series Twin Peaks, which, like Link’s Awakening, features characters in a small town.

He suggested that the characters of Link’s Awakening be written as “suspicious types”, akin to those in Twin Peaks—a theme which carried over into later Zelda titles. Tanabe created these “odd” characters; he was placed in charge of the subevents of the story, and wrote almost all of the character dialog, with the exception of the owl’s and the Wind Fish’s lines.

Check artemis251’s website for more infos about the unused Link’s Awakening sprites

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You can find more info about Zelda: Link’s Awakening in the Zelda Wiki!


Global Kumite [GBC – Cancelled]


Global Kumite was a one-on-one fighting game developed for the Game Boy Color by the Netherlands-based Karma Studios.

Eight fighters would have been available – some were equipped with a weapon, such as the sword-wielding white ninja. Others included a blue Incredible Hulk lookalike, a 1970s afroed kung-fu expert and a martial artist with more than a passing resemblance to Ryu from Capcom’s Street Figher series. Other characters could be unlocked, along with additional stages to go alongside the inital eight and extra game modes. The developer never specified whether the game would allow more than one player.

Despite the touted release date of February 2000, like many of Karma Studios’ games Global Kumite never saw the light of day.



South Park [GBC – Cancelled]


A South Park videogame was planned for the GameBoy Color and was in development at Acclaim studios in 1998, but sadly the project was soon cancelled by the shows creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone due to them feeling that the game isn’t right for the Game Boy Color as children were the main demographic for the system. There are not many info on this game and only a single screenshot was published in an old Nintendo Power magazine (issue 114). The prototype cartridge now belongs to Trey and Matt, commemorating the very first South Park game ever created.

It seems that after the South Park game was cancelled Acclaim didn’t want all their investment in the project to go to waste so it was changed to Maya the Bee and published in Europe. After a little more tweaking it also became the New Adventures of Mary Kate & Ashley and published in the US. If you check videos of these 2 games, you can see that the HUD is basically the same, the platforms and the ladders are similar

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Videos from “Mary Kate & Ashley” for the GBC:


Gauntlet: Dark Legacy [GBC – Cancelled?]


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