Global Kumite [GBC – Cancelled]

Global Kumite [GBC – Cancelled]


Global Kumite was a one-on-one fighting game developed for the Game Boy Color by the Netherlands-based Karma Studios.

Eight fighters would have been available – some were equipped with a weapon, such as the sword-wielding white ninja. Others included a blue Incredible Hulk lookalike, a 1970s afroed kung-fu expert and a martial artist with more than a passing resemblance to Ryu from Capcom’s Street Figher series. Other characters could be unlocked, along with additional stages to go alongside the inital eight and extra game modes. The developer never specified whether the game would allow more than one player.

Despite the touted release date of February 2000, like many of Karma Studios’ games Global Kumite never saw the light of day.


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2 thoughts on “Global Kumite [GBC – Cancelled]

  1. Esther

    Maybe the founder of Karma Studios, Martijn Wenting, wants to say anything about their cancelled titles? He’s still a gamedeveloper in the Netherlands, I could try to contact him?

    1. monokoma

      That would be cool! Maybe also asking for a full interview about Karma Studios and other unreleased games? I could send you some questions if he’ll be available

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