Jibaku-kun: Zero no Ki no Kajitsu [Game Boy Color – Cancelled]

Jibaku-kun: Zero no Ki no Kajitsu [Game Boy Color – Cancelled]

Jibaku-kun: Zero no Ki no Kajitsu (ジバクくん 零の樹の果実 ワールド) is a cancelled Action RPG that was in development by Enterbrain and Media Factory for Game Boy Color. The game is based on a manga / anime series by Ami Shibata and gameplay is kinda similar to the Tales Of series: players can explore the world and its cities, talking to NPCs and resolving quests, while fighting monsters in side-scrolling combat.

This is one of the playable GBC prototypes that was found in the Nintendo Gigaleak in September 2020, so luckily it was preserved: a few  screenshots and gameplay footage are available online.



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2 thoughts on “Jibaku-kun: Zero no Ki no Kajitsu [Game Boy Color – Cancelled]

  1. Rig

    Ooh, I’m legit shocked to see this is a GBC game. The whole thing resembles a Neo Geo Pocket Color game! From the monotone sprite palette (this is the red character, this is the blue character, etc.) to the higher detail backgrounds… it’s not quite the same thing as the NGPC’s High Color background palettes, but it looks QUITE a bit nicer than the standard GBC game backdrops. Maybe it’s actually using the GBC’s high resolution mode in an interesting way here (as far as I know, only CUTSCENES in games like Bionic Commando Elite Forces and Tomb Raider utilized that). This is a real nice looking game! The Super Dodgeball-esque combat also looks really novel and like a great fit for the 2-button system.

    Absolute shame this never came out :(

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