Battle Jungler (Konami) [PC Engine – Cancelled]

Battle Jungler (Konami) [PC Engine – Cancelled]

Battle Jungler is a cancelled sequel / reboot of Konami’s 1981 Jungler, planned to be released on PC Engine around 1992. In the original game players move a long creature inside a maze, trying to eliminate three similar enemy creatures, so we can assume Battle Jungler would follow a similar gameplay (but with anime-style protagonists). This PC Engine version was showed in PCE Fan magazine, but then vanished forever and is mostly forgotten even by hardcore PCE players.

We can’t find much more information about this canned Konami game, but if you can read Japanese let us know if there are any interesting details in the scan below!



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2 thoughts on “Battle Jungler (Konami) [PC Engine – Cancelled]

  1. Konker64

    The Japanese in the article says it was shown as an event for Konami PC Engine games from behind the scenes. It’s based off the 1982 arcade Jungler and was gonna be a remake of sorts. Apparently this was a prototype they showed off as an attempt but it wasn’t being seriously considered yet for full release. I guess they ultimately figured it wouldn’t generate enough profits.

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