Bizerta: Silent Evil [WiiU – NOT Cancelled]

Bizerta: Silent Evil [WiiU – NOT Cancelled]

Update: as wrote by Edrox Interactive in the comments below, the game is still planned to be released on WiiU in the following months, so it’s not cancelled:

“it’s coming out on wii u in the next months”

You can search on the Nintendo eShop for WiiU to find the game soon.

Original story:

Bizerta: Silent Evil is a cancelled survival horror heavily inspired by Resident Evil & Silent Hill, that was in development by Edrox Interactive, initially for Sony PSVita and later for Nintendo WiiU. The game was announced around 2015 and in mid 2017 the project was still planned to be released for WiiU, but in the end it just quietly vanished.

Some details about this lost game can still be found in their official website:

Bizerta: Silent Evil sets the stage inside a disheveled World, softly lit by the moonlight overrunning its foliage and blanketing corridors with darkness.

“Bizerta : SILENT Evil” for Wii U is the story of Ash Lightheart drawn by the mystical power of the City called Bizerta. Ash was 15-years-old but one day, he woke up in a dark world as a 30-year-old man. You have to explore this world, slinking through a large creepy, and seemingly empty, building to find out what happened. The title will use extensively the Wii U GamePad’s touch screen for puzzle solving, unlocking doors, and other mini games and mechanism interactions.”

In 2015 Cubed3 also published an interview with Edrox Interactive, unveiling their hopes for the project:

Randy: Can be tough, at times, the way the market swings, it’s completely unpredictable. Can you go into any details about the disruption you were faced with before coming over to Nintendo?

Ouissem: The biggest issue on Vita is that I have a PSM license so I can only publish a game with limited size on their store, which is 1 GB. That’s simply not enough for my game. Actually, many people asked them for more but Sony kept ignoring them, so I feel that the PSM program is more suited for mini games or something casual, not for a horror adventure.

Randy: Earlier you hinted that you missed puzzles specifically in the horror genre, can Nintendo gamers expect to challenge puzzle based obstacles in Silent Evil or is it more geared to providing action oriented elements?

Ouissem: That’s my goal actually – to try and combine these two elements. I won’t make it easier for people to get out of this nightmare!

Randy Freer: Are there additional playable characters in the cast or does Silent Evil focus on a single protagonist?

Ouissem: Only one playable Character.”

As far as we can understand, the game was in development by one single developer, so it’s safe to say that it became a project too ambitious for his small resources. As of April 2020 Edrox Interactive website is still online: could we see Bizerta released on other consoles or PC one day?



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16 thoughts on “Bizerta: Silent Evil [WiiU – NOT Cancelled]

  1. edrox interactive

    what a cheap move to get clicks , posting an article about my game and claim to be canceled without even asking me , do your research first !

    please remove it …

    1. monokoma Post author

      Hi Edrox, do you still plan to release the game on WiiU or will it be released on Switch?
      Unfortunately we don’t get clicks by adding a cancelled game in our website, this is just an archive to remember unseen video games

      1. edrox interactive

        it’s coming out on wii u in the next months , you have no rights to post such a news you are damaging my marketing and my business plans for the upcoming days … i ask you again to remove this article … or you make me to sue you and ask you to pay for all the damage you have done to my product

        1. monokoma Post author

          Great news! I’m happy the game will finally be released: will it be the last game on WiiU? Please keep us updated for when it will be available so we can add a link to the article to buy it. In the meantime I changed the article to confirm that the game is not cancelled

            1. monokoma Post author

              On my Google results I see the updated title: don’t worry Google just need some time to update and then people click on the link to read the full article. Our site is not on first page of Google results for the name of the game, so not many people see this page (from when it was published we just had 15 visitors from Google on this page). In the end if someone could be able to find the page on Google by just searching the game, they will see the good news about it not being cancelled

  2. Fehler

    First i was thinking, mh, nice game, shame it was cancelled, then i was reading the comments and now i’m thinking: What an unpleasant user called edrox interactive… even if it would come out i wouldn’t buy it.

    FAIL dude!

    1. edrox interactive

      i think the real fail is the individual/site who write fake news just to hurt the dev , i keep posting updates on FB and twitter and even on youtube [IGS – Impact Game Station] but seems like for people like you , this site is holy they do what ever they want , devs have no right to defend themselves , if you are not aware i contact him before on twitter but kept ignoring me so i was obliged to write here in hope to make people of their wrong doing

      have nice day

      1. monokoma Post author

        don’t worry, we are not on Twitter or other social networks every day as we have day-jobs, real life issues and families that keep us away from video games unfortunately. For important messages just send us an email or write a comment on the site: as you see above it’s the best option to get a reply and keeping the discussion in a single place for ease of use

  3. CrossbonesGT

    I think if anything this site helped spread the news about the game even more! I for one probably would not have heard of it and I’m a big survival horror buff even. Cool if it’s true that it’s finally coming out.

    1. edrox interactive

      it didn’t , i got hate emails ,some voice actors were also angry they thought i canceled the project without telling them , was also in talk about physical release to a publisher for potential future collaboration it’s about a month they didn’t get back to me …

  4. LiqMat

    @edrox interactive

    Any hopes of a PC release? Maybe GOG? Looks like an interesting title. I also had never heard of this title until I saw it here. Love the atmosphere of it from what I see up above.

    1. edrox interactive

      maybe one day , who knows ! it depends on some factors for example releasing on GOG store must be approved by GOG themselves ,it’s not like steam you can publish what ever you want by yourself … anyway for the moment it’s only WII U

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