FarCry [PSP – Cancelled]

FarCry [PSP – Cancelled]

A PSP FarCry game was in development around 2006 by Ubisoft Montreal, as found out thanks to a FTP leak and a developer’s resume. Unfortunately this PSP project was never officially announced by Ubisoft so we don’t have any detail on its gameplay. It seems it would have been a FarCry 2 conversion, but we can assume it would have been much different from the original PS3 and xbox 360 version.


If you know someone who worked at Ubisoft Montreal around 2006 and could help us to preserve more details about this lost game, please let us know!

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One thought on “FarCry [PSP – Cancelled]

  1. Nix

    Hello Monokomo,

    It’s only a little lead, and I don’t think he’d have any media so it would mostly be a dead end, but I used to know Brian Faber (formerly of Ubisoft, he now runs a productivity software company called Mayday.am. ) (He was an Engine Programmer for the PSP Shawn White Snowboarding and Avatar games, then went over to work at QueasyGames on Sound Shapes.) He’s not in games anymore, and I don’t see a Twitter or other contact point for Mr Faber, but maybe he would like to take a chat request in off-hours…

    He was either on or aware of the Far Cry PSP project. I know no details of the content or setting of the game unfortunately (my guess was always that it was a Far Cry Instincts/Vengeance variant, not Far Cry 2?) All I remember talking about was that it was one of a number of Ubisoft being produced using the studio’s variant of Unreal UE2/Warfare, which they were having trouble getting good results out of with PSP (I believe the PSP Peter Jackson’s King Kong game was made with it) yet it was familiar technology to the studio and talent pool of the time and so they were committed to it. So it would have been a slightly notable case of a Far Cry game not on CryEngine.

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