Oh My Goddess! (Aa! Megami-sama) [Super Famicom – Cancelled]

Oh My Goddess! (Aa! Megami-sama) [Super Famicom – Cancelled]

Oh My Goddess! (Aa! Megami-sama) is a manga and anime series by Kosuke Fujishima, serialized since September 1988 in Japan. It was quite popular at the time and it even got a few tie-in games for NEC PC-98, Sega Dreamcast and Playstation 2.

In the late ’90s a Super Famicom (SNES) Oh My Goddess! game was also announced in Japanese gaming magazines, as reported at the time by some english fansites. It would have been an arcade racing game similar to Mario Kart, set in the series’ NIT’s festival (?). It also seems each kart would have been driven by 2 characters at the same time (?):

  • Belldandy & Keiichi
  • Urd & Peorth
  • Skuld and Banpei-kun RX.
  • Megumi & Sora
  • Tamiya & Ootaki

Unfortunately it seems they never shown any actual screenshots from the game, only promotional artworks for the characters. Maybe something more is still hidden away in old japanese magazines?


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3 thoughts on “Oh My Goddess! (Aa! Megami-sama) [Super Famicom – Cancelled]

  1. Jabroniville

    Wow, this one might have been cute. It’s actually kind of an obvious thing (given “OMG” had a big to-do about racing, as the author was a car nut who included that in all his works), despite the whole “Magical Girlfriend” aspect of the manga. Despite most of the characters having magical powers, something like a Shooter or Adventure game didn’t really fit the cutesy, romantic nature of the story. Even their bigger arcs tended to end based off of wits or character choices instead of raw power, too.

  2. jef

    I’m pretty sure i saw some screenshots of this game, when i searched my ass off for everything related to this manga series. I think that almost 20 years ago there where a lot of fanwebsites, that are now gone. So there is a lot of info lost about this game

  3. Henry

    I think the game was ready at the time of cancellation, I wonder if any member of the staff has the original rom archived somewhere.

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