Gotcha! (Relief Ace) [Playstation – Cancelled]

Gotcha! (Relief Ace) [Playstation – Cancelled]

Gotcha! (ガッチャ) is a cancelled Playstation game that was in development by a really obscure Japanese company named “Relief Ace” (リリーフエース), of which we cannot find much information online. Thanks to GDRI we know that Relief Ace published at least two games before vanishing forever, “Shin Fortune Quest: Shokutaku no Kishi-tachi” for Playstation and “Ojousama Express” for Sega Saturn, but none of them looks anything like Gotcha!.

We only know about this lost Playstation game thanks to a video that was uploaded a couple of years ago on Youtube, but later removed (or at least I cannot find it online anymore, so I re-uploaded my backup-copy). From this short promotional teaser it seems Gotcha! could have been some kind of 3D action game in which to find people hiding in the crowd to hit them with a toy hammer.. Or something like that? Yeah, we are not sure.

If you can help to unveil more details about this mysterious game or Relief Ace, please let us know!



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5 thoughts on “Gotcha! (Relief Ace) [Playstation – Cancelled]

  1. RaionK

    This video is a recording of all the demo videos from the disc “プ レ プ レ Vol.8”. [ ]
    At 8:02 a demo video of “Gotcha!” in better quality begins(if you buy a premium account on this video hosting, the quality will be even better and the video can be downloaded).
    The title of the game is acctualy “ Gotcha! がっちゃ! ” which means “ Gotcha! Wanted! ” .
    I also translated a description of the game on this demo disk!

    ゲーム史上初「まぎれゲー」登場だム !
    その人混みの中に, 相手が潜んでいるかもしれな
    いムー ! ? 乞うご期待だムー!


    The first “Magile Game” appearance in game history!
    I get lost in the crowd and get close to my opponent.
    The other party may lurk in the crowd
    I’m looking forward to seeing you!

    It ’s “Gotcha!”

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