Unseen64 summer break to complete our book!

Unseen64 summer break to complete our book!


It’s super hot here in Italy, our PCs are melting down while we are working 9+ hours a day to complete the Unseen64 book, but we really want to finish everything in time to publish it in September! Will we able to finish it in time? Fingers crossed :) There’s still a lot to do, so to rise our chances to reach our objective we will pause new site updates for a few weeks, and we’ll be back with new articles when work on the book will be done!

We are really excited to finally publish this huge volume, it’s even bigger than what we planned, with more than 700 pages full of lost games we had to resize the font and margins with smaller ones to be able to fit as much as possible in the 480-pages limit to publish it through Amazon’s print on demand service. What will you find in Unseen64’s first book? Among updated versions of many articles already published on Unseen64 during our 15-years of existence, there will be new interesting researches, interviews, screenshots and exclusive details: we don’t want to spoil the surprises or to hype our project too much, so you’ll find out when the book will finally be available :)

We put a lot of time and efforts into this book, probably it will not sell much (how many people are interested in games they will never play?) but if you want to support us buying the book will be a great way to do it, as all revenues will be used to keep the site online and to improve our archive in the following months.. we have some nice plans for Unseen64 in 2017. While you wait for the site to be back in full, here’s a few things you can do:

Look and read: Check our archive with more than 3.000 beta and cancelled games.

Contribute: Would you like to help the U64 Archive? Read how you can help us to preserve more screens, videos and info!

Interact: Join the U64 FB Forum to discuss about unseen games with other geeks!

Donate: if you want to support our daily work to archive unseen games, please consider to donate 1$+ on Patreon, to help us to keep the site online and to improve it even more! As we wrote before, there will be some changes in our Patreon goals as soon as the book will be released, following what our current patrons want more of :)

Thanks to everyone that supports Unseen64 with love. See you all very soon!

The Unseen64 Staff

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8 thoughts on “Unseen64 summer break to complete our book!

  1. Maik Thiele

    Wow! I cant wait to buy this super book!
    So relax and good luck for finishing! :)

    P.S: May it sound crazy, but how can I get a book with autograms of the team? Would be amazing!

    1. monokoma

      Indeed, we can’t wait to publish it, after almost 2 years of work we are so tired yet excited :O
      It would be difficult to get a copy with autographs from the main Unseen64 staff, as we live in different cities of Italy far away from each other, it would be insane to ship the book from one city to another and then to you :D

      1. Maik Thiele

        Hmmm… lets talk later when finished about it. I think it will no prob for me to bay the bills for sending it. :)

        2 years are a very long time… with good days, bad days, days with i-dont-want-this-crap-anymore, days with software or harddisk problems, with loosing important stuff or friends, or meeting new friends.

        2 years ago my family begins and my live changed completly. Around a year ago, I found U64 and beginn little bit researching to contribute any helpfull infos. Now, my next son is nearly born and live changed again.

        Yeah, to put energy in a book for years, you need a long breath and love. And to have a website for 15 years, its like to have a child. Hopefully U64 will be online in 15 years too, and the book will be a big bang in the dev and retro world. :)

  2. Shinji

    Take your time and good luck finishing the book guys!I have been following U64 for quite some years now and I would like to get a copy of the book so much.

    So, what I wanted to ask you it’s if there’s some indication about the price at this point. If I remember correctly, I think you already said there’s going to be hardcover and paperback editions, so it’d be cool to know an approximated price for saving a little bit until the book will be released. Thank you!

    1. monokoma

      We will publish the book through Amazon thanks to their print on demand service, they only offer paperback editions but we’ll have a full color and a black/white version, so the latter will be cheaper! We still don’t know the final price (we’ll know when we’ll upload the final book on Amazon), but we hope the b/w version could be about 30/40$ and the full color version about 40/50$, we’ll know in a few weeks! :)

  3. Greyfox


    Are there any previews of the book,?, mock ups or cover art for this? Any previews of page format and layout? It looks to be an huge undertaking but with that you have a lot of content images and the likes available already here on the site, what will make this book stand out from what is already included on the site at no extra cost?

    1. monokoma

      We will publish a video preview for the book and details about the content when it will finally be available in a few weeks :) Originally the idea was just to have a book with a reprint of the most interesting articles we have on Unseen64, so that readers could support the site by buying a copy (as i do with other blogs I like; for example on 366weirdmovies every year they release a book with all the posts published the previous year and readers can buy it if they want to help), but in almost 2 years of work the project evolved a lot, so now there are also new interviews, new exclusive images and info for lost games that were already known before and new, previously unknown lost games that will be seen for the first time. Still, for people that are not interested to support the site by buying the book, i suggest to wait for the book reviews by other people, so you’ll know if it’s something you’d like in your collection or not! In any way, most of the book price will be the actual, physical cost of print, as the book is almost 500 pages long, 7″ x 10″ :O

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