Gex 3 [Beta – PSX N64]

Gex 3 [Beta – PSX N64]

Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko is a 3D platform game that was developed by Crystal Dynamics and Gratuitous Games for the original Playstation and Nintendo 64. Steve noticed a lot of beta differences from the various Gex 3 demos that were released before the final game.

First up, a video featuring the level “Clueless In Seattle” that is in volume 4 in a series of Eidos demo discs (it seems that this demo also appears in a greatest hits version of Tomb Raider II).

There are noticeable differences here compared to the level that is in the game’s retail release:

In the retail version, bears are enemies that can be found in the hedgemaze of this level. In this demo, the bears are absent there and only appear as these statues that can hurt you if you jump into them. These statues are also present in the retail version, but will not harm you if you jump into them. Also, there is an instance in the retail version where a small scene occurs in which the statue bears – for a lack of a better term – come to life as enemies. In this demo, this scene never occurs and the statue bears never come to life:


At some point, the statue bears had a plaque on them:


You can see this plaque in this beta trailer for Gex 3 Deep Cover Gecko. This plaque is NOT in the demo and the retail version.

In the retail version of this level, Gex looks through a magnifying glass while in first-person view. In this demo, gex simply goes into first person without the magnifying glass! Spooky!

Gex’s butler, Alfred, is completely absent in this room and the demo. The wooden wall here eventually became a glass window in the retail version.


Instead of a symbol on the floor , this demo used a spinning magnifying glass to teleport you to various mini-games.

Unlike what is shown here, you CANNOT play the level’s minigames while wearing the vampire outfit in the retail version.


I believe these remote controls are from Gex: Enter the Gecko – the second game in the Gex trilogy. The retail version of Gex 3 had completely different remote controls, so these may have simply been placeholders.

gex 3 beta remote

Here are some other differences Steve found within the demo:

  • much more coins than the final version.
  • Enemies had incomplete death animations, specifically the walking TVs. In the demo they explode when defeated. In the retail version, they fall over and then explode.
  • The control scheme was slightly different.

That’s a lot of info, eh? It doesn’t end there though! Here’s more – this is from a trailer on Youtube that shows content NOT SEEN AT ALL IN THE RETAIL VERSION.

Here are the differences Steve spotted in the beta trailer:

  • The beginning of the video shows Gex without clothes. I’m not entirely certain of this, but I believe Gex is always wearing something in the retail version of the game.
  • At 0:15 you can see a part of a Western-themed (the final version does have one that is hilariously called the Organ Trail) level that is not in the final version AT ALL. In fact, I think it must have been a mini-game and a part of a scrapped level.
  • The fly coins throughout the trailer look completely different.
  • The camera icons that appear thorough-out the trailer (eyeball and gear thing) are from Gex 2 and are not present at all in the retail version.
    0:22 reveals a strange box icon – not present in the retail version- in the top-right hand corner of the screen that keeps track of the amount of fly coins you collect.
  • At 0:25 you can a little bit more of the scrapped Western level.
  • The stove enemies at 1:30 are completely absent in the final version. Not sure why, maybe they still exist within the game’s code?

Thanks to Steve for the contribution!

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