Megalopolice: Tokyo City Battle [Sega 32x – Tech Demo/ Cancelled ?)

Megalopolice: Tokyo City Battle [Sega 32x – Tech Demo/ Cancelled ?)

Megalopolice: Tokyo City Battle is a AS-1 ridefilm created by SEGA in 1993. Going by the screenshots below and the few information available, it seems that somehow SEGA planned a 32x game based on the eponymous virtual ride, but the project was probably quickly canceled some time after the announcement like many other games for the ill-fated  add-on.


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3 thoughts on “Megalopolice: Tokyo City Battle [Sega 32x – Tech Demo/ Cancelled ?)

  1. Jackie

    I was watching some old Mind’s Eye computer animation videos and noticed they had some clips from Megalopolice, I’m not sure if it’s from the game or ride. My guess is the ride, because many of the computer animation sequences they used were from rides.

  2. Dredd

    Hello, I was watching an old French documentary (Envoyé Spécial, 1993) about japanese Otaku phenomenon and near the end, on the part dedicated to SEGA, some footages on the game are shown. I didn,t now anything about it so I was wandering what game was it. Then, as you could see a guy from Sega speaking, I’ve notice the game on TV’s on the back and, at some point, it started to show the credits. Then came the mind blowing Michael Jackson name on the screen O_O. So I rewinded, google the name of Yasuo Fujita and saw that he was involved on the Star Wars games (SW Acade and SW Trilogy) but no other space shooting game. Google was not really helpful and then, Unseen64 popped to my head!

    So, the Documentary is called “Otaku – Le cinéma du Réel “. You can find it here (for now):

    An MJ’s name can be seen at 2:31’30”


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