Desperados Gangs [Cancelled – Xbox 360 / PS3 / PSvita / PC]

Desperados Gangs [Cancelled – Xbox 360 / PS3 / PSvita / PC]

Desperados Gangs is a cancelled tactical action game that was in development by Spellbound Entertainment, as a new chapter in the Desperados series. This new game was planned to be released for Xbox 360’s Live Arcade, PS3 & PSvita’s PSN, Smartphones and PC Digital Download but sadly they were not able to find a publisher to fund the project.

Desperados Gangs was going to have a more deeper multiplayer gameplay, with VS and coop modes, online and offline options, different character classes to chose from and AI-controlled mercenaries to recruit. Players would have been able to chose from 5 different classes: the Gunfighter, the Brawler, the Healer, the Engineer and the Spy, while keeping in mind that cooperation would be extremely important to achieve the different objectives, as sabotage or rescue missions.

What they planned for Desperados Gangs was to play it something like Lead & Gold or Team Fortress 2 to evolve the series, with the option to make the game more “steampunk”, to be able to have new styles of weapons, features, ect.

Only few artworks from Desperados Gangs are archived in the gallery below, to preserve its lost existence.


Videos from Desperados 3:

Videos from Lead & Gold:

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5 thoughts on “Desperados Gangs [Cancelled – Xbox 360 / PS3 / PSvita / PC]

  1. Stranno


    I love this series, the first one was the best tactical real-time strategy game of all times after Pyro’s Commandos

    The next two games were not as good but still pretty good games

  2. Aleff

    As a person who played Desperados 1 to the end I’m really glad that no one funded this project, I mean what the hell, since when Desperados is about some kind of steampunk old west? I only see it as a game trying to bandwagon on the Desperados’ (small) success.

  3. Will

    Seemed like it would have been a cool game. I don’t mind the steampunk Old West look, it seemed interesting enough. Oh well, it was sadly cancelled.

  4. Antipode


    The first big video game Kickstarter was for Double Fine’s untitled adventure game, which ended in March ’12. That’s the same month Spellbound filed for insolvency., and just a few months before the company closed for good. They weren’t in a position to pivot to Kickstarter (and who knows if that would have been successful… as neat as the artwork looks, team-based multplayer isn’t what the Desperados series was known for).

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