King’s Field / Crystal Dragon (Japan Version) [Beta – PSX]

King’s Field / Crystal Dragon (Japan Version) [Beta – PSX]

King’s Field is a dungeon crawler created by From Software and released in 1994 for Playstation. It was never published in the West.

From this early screenshot, taken from Edge issue 11, we can see that originally the game was called Crystal Dragon:

crystal dragon king's field beta

Another beta pic, shown below, probably taken from a more advanced build, was published in a issue of Console Mania, an italian magazine.

king's field betaIf you have any more info about this game, please let us know!

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2 thoughts on “King’s Field / Crystal Dragon (Japan Version) [Beta – PSX]

  1. yota Post author

    the big screenshot, which i think is a target render, is from a issue of console mania, a defunct italian magazine.

    The pics in the gallery are instead from a 1994 issue of gamefan.

  2. yota Post author

    updated the article with a new screenshot and the codename (the game was originally known as “crystal dragon”).

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