Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now! [Beta / Removed Content – PC]

Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now! [Beta / Removed Content – PC]

Article by Razor

Removed Content

The development of Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now! was a frenzied one, a lot of changes were made throughout the game. Most of the changes have been documented by several fans of the franchise on the Carmageddon fan discussion boards.

Steel Gonad O’ Death

Got ‘im in the bollocks powerup icon from the Alpha demo of C2

The Got ‘im in the bollocks powerup is a removed powerup from the Splat Pack (it may be in the original Carmageddon also) and it was carried over into C2, this powerup can still be activated in the final version of C2 but it just gives you credits, not only that but it displays a message on the screen that confirms the powerup has been activated.

The powerup icon doesn’t exist in the final version of Carmageddon II but it does exist in the alpha/demo versions of Carmageddon II.

Here is the Carma Wiki page about this Powerup:

The actual use of this powerup is known, the powerup is said to have been activated in the Splat Pack’s Hell level whenever you slammed your vehicle in the devil’s nuts; although this does not explain why it was originally intended to be a part of Carmageddon II, it may have just been a left over that was never fully removed.

Cloaking Device!

The Cloaking Device powerup!

In the final version of Carmageddon II this powerup can be activated but just gives you credits, it does however exist in Carmageddon 64 but is called ‘Invisibility’ and it makes your car invisible or to be more precise, transparent.

The Cloaking Device powerup still exists in multiplayer in Carmageddon II, the reason it doesn’t exist in Single Player may be due to it being completely pointless as the aim of Carmageddon is to cause as much havoc as possible within the time limit and not to avoid other opponents and pedestrians by becoming transparent.

The Carma Wiki page on this Powerup:

Ron Dumpster – Digga

Ron Dumpster and his Digga!

Ron Dumpster was the brother of Don Dumpster, he appears in Carmageddon II and he drives his own vehicle called ‘Digga’, at least he was supposed to but he doesn’t exist in the final version of the game. During the development of Carmageddon II, SCi (Now Square Enix) forced Stainless Software (Now Stainless Games) to finish the game ahead of schedule so they had no choice but to leave the Digga out of the game.
The Digga gets unlocked when you complete the final mission of Carmageddon II, if you choose the vehicle from the car selection screen then the game will crash upon loading.
Don Dumpster’s mugshot still exists in the ‘/data/64x48x8/PIXELMAP/tiffrgb’ (and PIX16) folders of the game.
Stainless later gave the actual model that was going to be used for the Digga to a user by the name of Errol shortly after the release of Carmageddon II, Errol textured and set up the vehicle and got it working in the game.

Here is that model:

Here is the Carma Wiki page for the Ron Dumpster

Development of the Eagle 3

Concept Rendering:




 The Eagle 3 went through many different design stages whilst Carmageddon II was in development, originally the vehicle was using the model that would later become the Hawk 3, it is rare that a vehicle such as the conceptual Eagle 3 should make it’s way through the design stages with such minor alteration that it is easily recognisable as the Hawk 3 in the final game.

When it came time to create the actual ingame model for the Eagle 3, the design was radically changed. From this alpha version of the Eagle 3 there were even more design changed between it and the beta/demo versions of the Eagle 3, the changes are as follows:

1. The door is a completely different shape
2. It’s wider, shorter and flatter
3. The bonnet is longer
4. The bonnet is almost higher than the cockpit
5. It has a somewhat basic (and small) interior that is only big enough to fit a driver model’s head and arms in (as the game was closer to being like C1 than C2 at the time of

the preview screenshots that the alpha model was featured in)
A user by the name of Razor found the alpha version of the Eagle 3 in the Alpha C2 demo (it’s also in the regular/public demo), in the “/data/MODELS” folder, it also has a material (.MAT) file and an actor (.ACT) file.
Below is a screenshot of the alpha Eagle 3 in the C2 Alpha demo (and a good comparison against the Beta/Demo Eagle 3):

The beta/demo Eagle 3 is a more finalised version of the Eagle 3, the main differences between this Eagle 3 and the final version are as follows:

1. Steel bumpers
2. Black spikes
3. Different bonnet shape
4. Some textures are at a higher resolution than the final Eagle 3

The Eagle 3 was changed to how it looks in the final version of Carmageddon II to give it a more ‘sporty’ feel.

Razor eventually ported the alpha version and the beta/demo version of the Eagle 3 to the final version Carmageddon II.
The alpha version can be seen below:

The beta/demo version can be seen below:

The final Eagle 3 was a lot different to the Alpha/Beta versions, it had black (plasticy) bumpers and white spikes and the textures appear to have been reduced in size considerably from the earlier versions of the vehicle.

Opponent changes

There are many changes that have been made within C2 as it was being developed, to begin with this section will start by documenting any changes from the final vehicles between the above image and will then progress into what got changed but doesn’t appear on that image.

The Plane. The fact that this plane is even on the “40 new opponents to take out” screenshot makes me believe that this was originally an opponent and not a drone as it is in the final game, if this is the case it was a good decision to remove this as an opponent and make it a drone as it would be near enough impossible to drive.
Razor went on to make this drone drivable to demonstrate how inappropriate it is as a vehicle, it can be seen in the below image:

The Red Vet. This car is pretty much in the same shape as it was in this early screenshot, the only difference between the earlier version of the car and the final version is that the early one had blood on it’s blades.

The Propshafter. This car was originally orange during the early development stages of the game. The colour was probably changed due to the fact that the Hawk was orange and Die Anna was one of the main characters of the series alongside Max Damage and she needed her own colour scheme so the Propshafter was changed to blue.
The original orange (or as close to) can be seen in the below image, the remake was created by Razor:

The Plow Mk2 appears to have “Gotcha Again!” written in red (blood?) as opposed to the black that is in the final.

The Eagle 3 on the image appears to be the Alpha version of the Eagle 3 (see the above section on the Eagle 3.)

The DC Codbra has the same steel bumpers as the Eagle 3, this wasn’t changed in the final version of the game. What was changed however was the blood on the front and the back of the car and the wheels appear to have different shaped blades on them (there is an early screenshot on the top right rear of the UK Carmageddon II big box with these early cars in.)

The Purple Piledriver. Not many changes can be seen here and as this car doesn’t appear in a lot of the early screenshots it can’t be determined whether there are any notable differences between the early versions and the final, apart from the obvious long spikes on the wheels and the textures which seem to be of a higher resolution than the final version.
Toshiba-3 made an early version of the Purple Piledriver, it can be seen in the below image:

The Supastukka appears to be the same as in the final version of the game except for the cockpit which has a different glass texture and there appears to be some form of weapon underneath it.

The Blood Riviera. This car is very different texture-wise to it’s final counterpart; there are no decals on the vehicle, the vehicle has hubcaps and there is a lot more blood splattered up the front of the vehicle. The only leftover from this version of the car on the final version is the bloodied hand-print that appears on the bonnet.
Razor recreated this early version of the Blood Riviera and it can be seen below:

Moving on to vehicles that do not appear in the image.

The Hick Pickup. This car originally had a dirty brown skin as seen in the below screenshot:

The textures from this version of the vehicle (except the door texture and a couple of other textures) still exist in the final version of the game in the Hick Pickup’s ‘PIX16’ folder but they’re unused.

Razor recreated this version of the vehicle and it can be seen below:

Note: This version of the vehicle also exists on the top right image on the rear of the UK bigbox for C2

Vlad’s Dragster. There appears to be a lot of changes for this. The only differences that can be seen between the final dragster and the alpha/beta demos of the game (AND any screenshots) is the blood on the spike, it was removed in the final.
A couple of years ago, the user Razor was searching around in the many demo versions of Carmageddon II and came across an unused texture in Vlad’s ‘PIX16’ folder, this texture was in a similar style to the final version of the skin used except it was red and black this lead him to believe that the dragster was originally this colour before being changed to how it looks in the final version of the game.

Tashita 2 had many changes in its development, mainly to the textures. Originally Stainless added their own version of the Michelin man to the roof of the Tashita 2 which they subtley named “Bitchelin” man but it got them into a bit of legal trouble so they had to replace it with the yin-yang symbol that’s used in the final version of the game.
Tashita 2 also had many of it’s sponsors changed on the textures during the development of the game.
People should also note that the Tashita 2 appears in the Carmageddon II intro movie but it is blue and is being driven by Batmad (who drives the Purple Piledriver) and not Ed 101.

The Porker 2 had bloody spikes at the front and the Lamb O’genie had blood splattered all up the front blade.


Birdy was the bloodied up, wingless plane from an early concept sketch for Carmageddon II. This plane was talked about by gaming magazines as “the wingless plane”, it was also described on the back of the Carmageddon II Prima Official Strategy Guide as “the wingless plane”. Birdy was designed at the time by Stainless employee Russell ‘Rusk’ Hughes but the plane never actually made it past the design stages and into the game.

Birdy was however created and released by Twiglet & Raven-X shortly after the game was released, it was incomplete but fully drivable. That version is below:


The ShavASlet Wastemaro

The Wastemaro, like Birdy was from an early concept sketch. This vehicle also never made it into the game, possibly because the vehicle had a very ‘post-apocalyptic’ style in comparison to the more ‘sporty’ stylings of the final game. The vehicle was eventually created and released for use in Carmageddon II. Created by a user named TTR and can be seen in the image below:

Note: It was TTR who coined the name “Wastemaro” for the vehicle as the vehicle was never given an official name in the original sketch.


Goaty was one of the many animals that inhabit the world of Carmageddon, an incomplete pedestrian from Carmageddon II, the ped does still exist in the final version of the game but it was never set up correcty and as such doesn’t work in the game.
User CoffeyCup ‘Shepherded’ this ped back into Carmageddon II , it can be seen below:


The Cops

The Cops. They only appear in Carmageddon II in the Bruise Brothers level but they aren’t technically set up to act as police (unlike the police in the original Carmageddon,) the only reason they appear in this level is because they were all added as explicit opponents in the game’s ‘RACES.TXT’ textfile. Something happened during the development timeline for Stainless to decide not to add police into Carmageddon II. The Copcar can still appear as an opponent in some of the later levels in the game but still, it acts like a regular opponent.

The Frozen Cops and Turbo Cops powerups also still exist in Carmageddon II but they have no use, they were probably just leftovers from the original Carmageddon/Splat Pack.

C2 Alpha’s ped icons

These unseen icons are a relatively recent find by user Razor, after searching through the Alpha C2 demo he found four small icons:

Below are the actual images that were found:

CODGER is quite obviously an elderly person with a zimmerframe, LADY is a female, GENT is a male and SPROG is a small child in a nappy (daiper.)
These files are located in ‘/data/64x48x8/PIXELMAP/PIX16/’ in the C2 Alpha demo and they have no use ingame, so only speculation can be drawn as to what they were to be used for.. Perhaps they were originally to be used to differentiate each type of pedestrian from one another and different points would have been calculated based on which type of pedestrian got slaughtered the most.
The icons may have been used with the ‘Peds Displayed on Map’ Powerup as opposed to yellow dots that were used in the final game.
Patrick ‘Batwick’ Buckland said that he originally wanted babies to be added to the game along with pregnant women, so perhaps SPROG.PIX was related to this.

Hot Room

Hot Room was crafted by Stainless to be included into Carmageddon II, the map is modelled on Hot Wheels toys and the Carmageddon II vehicles are all to scale of Hot Wheels cars (or close enough). The map never made it into Carmageddon II due to “potential legal” issues, the same reason why the Bitchelin man was removed from the roof of Tashita 2.
There are no traces of the map in any of the available versions of Carmageddon II , this includes: alpha, all beta/demo versions and the final version. The map does, however exist in the elusive ‘indev’ version of the game that Errol possesses.
Stainless provided Errol with the map back in 1998/9, he got it all set up, added peds and released it.

The Cameron Cars

Back when Carmageddon II was released Errol used to keep in frequent contact with Stainless, after much pestering “eventually the subject of the cow car arose. They just said “Contact Cameron, tell him we sent you.”“, Errol contacted Cameron (Cameron worked for SCi and knew Stainless since C1, he lovingly crafted a ton of content for both games) and he was sent a whole heap of goodies that Cameron had made which didn’t make it into C2.

Errol worked his socks of with the limited amount of tools available at the time (I think PlayThing was pretty much the limit) and got the vehicles into C2, they were dubbed the Cameron Cars.

Why weren’t the cars included in the game? This could be for many reasons, in an interview between Errol and Neil ‘nobby’ Barnden (from early February 1999) the following question popped up:

Errol: Why were so many cars were dropped ?? And will the cut cars be released in a patch?
Neil: A few cars got dropped from the final game either because I wasn’t happy with the design, or they didn’t really add anything to the mix of vehicles we already had, or more importantly because we just ran out of time to get them textured up or prepared for in-game use. We’ve currently no plans to release a patch or add-on pack ourselves as we’re working on other stuff.

This could in fact be reasons why the Cameron Cars never made it into the game and the “ran out of time” is most certainly the reason why Digga was never completed.

The Cameron Pedestrians

Above is the Cameron Hamster, Hameron. Not only did Cameron make cars but he also made peds, 21 of them in fact.
5 of the peds 21 were children, scouts, for the Beaver City Woods and one of them rode a bike.

There were also political peds (including a big-eared Tony Blair) and a ped of the man himself, Cameron complete with surfboard.

All images courtesy of the Carmageddon modding community and Stainless Games.

Article by Razor

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