Resident Evil Revelations [Beta – 3DS]

Resident Evil Revelations [Beta – 3DS]

Resident Evil: Revelations is a survival horror developed by Capcom and published for the Nintendo 3DS in January / February 2012.  It seems that the beta version of Resident Evil Revelations featured an almost completely different story line where Chris and Jill were on an unnamed ship. For some reason the two protagonists turn against each other. The original trailer shows a Chris look-alike tied down to a chair. Jill asks Chris if he has some sort of object and Chris replies “You’ll have to kill me to find out.” The characters and story in Resident Evil Revelations seem to have been heavily changed during its production.

Fun note: prior to its release, Capcom sent North American copies of Resident Evil: Revelations to reviewers, with the game’s title misspelled as “Revelaitons”.

In the second video, there’s another beta cutscene that didn’t make the final game. [Spoiler] When you first meet Rachel as Jill you just see her getting killed through the glass window in game there is no cutscene. In the Resident Evil Revelations pilot version demo in merc 3d, Rachel is not used and there is a different person that sounds like Raymond.

If you find more beta differences in the old trailers and screens, please let us know!

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Thanks to David Garcia, Matt, Stalfos, Pycckuu! and king for the contributions!


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12 thoughts on “Resident Evil Revelations [Beta – 3DS]

  1. Stalfos


    I was close to post this strange TGS Trailer too. There are only 2 options for this scene:

    1. It was cut out due to various reasons Capcom will never tell.
    2. This was just a Video for Promotion. Maybe, because there wasn’t enough time to present the backstory of Rachel in the final game.

    Anyway. There are a few things I don’t get at all when it comes to the final game. The game was great. but the new beta stuff is definitely more mysterious than the actual game ;)

  2. king

    i played the piolt verson demo in merc 3d and Rachel wasnt in the piolt verson it was a differnt person and he sounds like raymond

  3. cam

    Actually, I was able to play the original beta because a guy on Assembler shared it with me after i paid him for it. ($500 for the cart).
    Its fully playable and contains major differences to the plot.

    What was said above is in this version, but additionally, Rachel never dies in this version. She simply vanishes midway through game. What happens is, Jill and rachel team up around 50% in game, and rachel says they will meet up later, but that never happens. The story randomly progresses without her. Im assuming some kind of FMV or something was planned to explain, but never completed in this version before the script was overhauled.

  4. Mrox2

    That guy whos in place of Rachael is called (Richard) according to the art book and official information ;P

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