Cesium [XBOX – Cancelled]

Cesium [XBOX – Cancelled]

Cesium is a cancelled action adventure that was in development for the original Xbox by FASA Studio / Microsoft Games Studios in 2004. The project was canned in early prototype form and only some concept arts remain to preserve its existence. The game’s world evolved from fantasy floating cities to iconic asian levels and even the main protagonist was probably still undecided. We can speculate that the Cesium project was canned to move their resources on other games, as Crimson Skies. FASA Studio was officially shutdown in 2007.

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2 thoughts on “Cesium [XBOX – Cancelled]

  1. Dragon

    Would’ve loved to see how this concept art translated to sixth gen visuals. There are some damn stunning locales in OG Xbox games, and if Cesium here could muster up assets that could hang with the likes of Sudeki, Beyond Good & Evil and Jade Empire, this would’ve been a very pretty game indeed. This could’ve been a killer Xbox IP back when Microsoft needed ’em the most…

    I do think FASA did a bang-up job on the OG Xbox, since I love MechAssault 2 and Crimson Skies, but man, after seeing this and ‘G,’ they really should’ve expanded/grown the studio correctly so they could take on more projects. It sucks that both of these titles never got made.

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