Pop’n Land [Sega Mega CD – Cancelled]

Pop’n Land [Sega Mega CD – Cancelled]

Pop’n Land is a cancelled side scrolling action game for the Sega Mega CD probably developed by Takeru ( as you can read on GDRI ) and to be published by Takeru’s publishing label Sur De Wave. The game added a RPG flavour to its gameplay by letting players to costumize their hero. In fact you could have assigned 16 different choices for the head, body and weapon allowing 4,096 different combinations, some useful others totally worthless. Pop’n Land had 15 cute and colorful stages, each with a unique Boss. The game was never released for unknown reasons.

Not everything was lost, because a Pop’n Land music track (“Pleasant Companions”) composed by Yoshitsugu Yokoyama and arranged by Issei Asaoka is included in Super Mega Drive Fan – Mega-CD Super Music Collection Vol.1.

Scan from EGM issue 51 and Joypad issue 27.


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3 thoughts on “Pop’n Land [Sega Mega CD – Cancelled]

  1. Anonymous

    This seems a lot like the released NES game Cocoron made by the same company. Wonder if it has any relation to the also cancelled PC Cocoron for the PC Engine?

  2. Celine

    Indeed it looks similar ( and the sprite reminds me of Little Sanson …).
    As you said the company is the same so there is surely a relation.
    PC Cocoron article will come in the coming months.

  3. Steve Arbogast

    Definitely related to the Cocoron, PC Cocoron series. PC Cocoron was one game I was dying to buy for the Super CD format back when I imported PC Engine games from DIE HARD GAMES in the early 90’s, then it was canceled. There is one website out there with tons of images from the game by Sur DE Wave, and that the owner of the site is also the owner of the game, but will not sell the original, nor take any offers of cash for a cd-r copy.

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