Kinect Sports [Prototype / Concept – Xbox 360]

Kinect Sports [Prototype / Concept – Xbox 360]

Kinect Sports (codenamed Natal Sports) was Rare Ltd. first Kinect title. Development started in late 2008 and fully started in early 2009 when the studio was restructured to fully focus on Kinect Software. It was Rare’s second try to produce a sports title on Xbox 360, their first attempt used an unreleased motion controller, similar to the Wii Remote, which remained unpublished.

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One thought on “Kinect Sports [Prototype / Concept – Xbox 360]

  1. Alex

    This game really deserved to be cancelled. That’s its fault if we can’t play Conker 2 and a bunch of other Rare titles. F*** you, stupid gay sports game.

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