City Heroes [Mega Drive / Genesis – Cancelled]

City Heroes [Mega Drive / Genesis – Cancelled]

City Heroes is a cancelled beat ’em up that was in development by korean Samsung Electronics for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis. Thanks to an article at Hardcore Gaming 101, we can read that the game was almost finished, but sadly because of some problems with the country’s censorship system, City Heroes was never released.

Thanks to George for the contribution!


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11 thoughts on “City Heroes [Mega Drive / Genesis – Cancelled]

  1. Yakumo

    I know why it was never released. It’s a hack of Bare Knuckle. Original game it is NOT. Sega probably gave them a hard time over it.

    1. monokoma

      I saved the screens, but i did not add them all, just because if people will be interested in seeing more images, they will go to the Hardcore101 site, that is the source of them :)

  2. Yakumo

    It’s 100% obvious. You don’t make a game from scratch with the same animations and dimensions for characters as found in another game. The woman is a pure sprite hack of Blaze from Bare Knuckle 2. same stance, same moves and same dimensions. The guy has the same dimensions as Axel and there are a few enemies that have the same dimensions as the fat guys from Bare Knuckle 2.

    Even the stage layout and graphic titles resemble or are from Bare Knuckle 2. I don’t want to sound racist but Korean (especially at that time) and Chinese (goes without saying) ripped off many games claiming to be original titles. Heck, there’s a Japanese game that did the same although I don’t remember the name of that.

  3. Yakumo

    The even use the exact same font for the Act clear screen as the Bare Knuckle games. Honestly, you’d have to be quite silly to not think it was a hack.

  4. derboo

    “You don’t make a game from scratch with the same animations and dimensions for characters as found in another game.”

    Well, actually, you do. Or rather, Korean developers in the late 80s/early 90s did. From 1987 to 1991, most of the industry sustained on reprogramming Famicom games for MSX1.

    There’s no doubt they used Bare Knuckle as a template for the sprites and other graphics, but I do think that that was the extent of the “stealing,” as the gameplay is/was actually different, much more complex than BK. The game used seperate buttons for punches and kicks, which could be used to freely string together combos (even some stupidly easy infinites, apparently). The game had more moves than any contemporary beltscroll brawler.

    Full scan of a 6-page magazine preview for reference, the movelist goes on until the third page:

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