Cancelled Donkey Kong Country 4? [SNES – Fake / Rumor]

Cancelled Donkey Kong Country 4? [SNES – Fake / Rumor]

Rumors say that a new Donkey Kong game in the Donkey Kong Country series was planned for the Super Nintendo in 1997, made by Rare and Nintendo. However in 1998, the Rareware staff thought the project was too big for the SNES and moved Donkey Kong Country 4 to the new Nintendo 64 console.  In early 1999 Rare changed DKC4 into Donkey Kong Ultra for the 64DD, which would later be released on cart as “Donkey Kong 64”.

Lost characters and places from Donkey Kong Country 4 would be Bella Swan (originally Ditzi Duck), a ditzy and forgetful swan who always said people’s names incorrectly, The Sorcerer (the main villain of the SNES version) and The Wicked Sorceress (the main villain of the N64 version).  3 unused jingles that has been found in “Banjo-Kazooie” could be releated to the unreleased Donkey Kong Country 4.

News by Nikki


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18 thoughts on “Cancelled Donkey Kong Country 4? [SNES – Fake / Rumor]

    1. monokoma

      @Eggman: yup, it’s probably just a rumor, but this was an user-created post, everyone is free to edit it or write a new page in the U64 archive :P

  1. Celine

    Yeah the lack of any decent source kill the post credibility though it push me to do a similar post ( but with a source ) about FFVII for Super Famicom.

  2. Herman07

    Well, this is a lie, because:
    -While they were making DKC3 , there were notice of the “Nintendo Ultra 64”, so after they finished DKC3, they were planning to do DK64;
    -How they were stuck for three years after ended DKC3? In 1998 and 1999, the Nintendo 64 was arledy relased, in 1997 were planning the “Ultra 64” and the 64DD, then they decided to do the Nintendo 64 only in the same year;
    -The names of the planned characters are false, i mean, how a character of the same name as a actress from Twilight and a swan that is forgetful being cancelled characters of a videogame?

    Nikki, with this thread, Unseen64 will lose his reputation and no one can belive for the cancelled games and beta images about games.
    And monokoma, please, delete this thread.

    1. monokoma

      You are all right, even if it’s written in the title that is just a rumor, this post probably does not have much value if there are no good sources. But for now, we could leave it in here (keep in mind, it is in the “NEWS” section, not in the SNES archive) just because of “SEO” reasons: there are people out there that search for “Donkey Kong Country 4” on Google, and those people will find U64 thanks to this post. This means more visitors and maybe more contributions :P What do you think, it’s worth it or not? Should we add a “Fake” in the title? Anyway, if there are enough people that want this to be removed, i can do it, so let me know! :)

  3. MitsuharuSan

    Let’s have rules for user’s posts… I mean, no source?

    As the user above said, Unseen64 will lose reputation thanks to posts like that… That’s if it’s not already losing it.

  4. Bret

    Speaking of DKC4, I do recall a game with the title “Super Donkey Kong” (no, not the pirated one on the NES) and it had playable characters such as Diddy, Dixie, and Kiddie on the DKC1 level and it was for the SNES. But I can’t remember, as I’ve only seen the screenshots when I was like 8 or 9 in 2001 (10 years ago? Holy crud!)

  5. MarxForever

    Yeah, I’m rolling my eyes at the “lost DKC4 jingles” that sound nothing like anything from Donkey Country, and actually just sounds like *gasp* unused Banjo and Kazooie Jingles.
    But of course it came from B&K so it’s somehow vital to finding Atlantis and opening the gates to the promised…

    Anyways Mono, count me for tossing this garbage into the abyss.
    If we just put “fake” on something we know is a lie, it’s like telling people It’s okay to make shit up as long as it’s popular.

    Tune in next week for…
    Cancelled Super Mario RPG 2 (starring Cloud, Squall, Sora and Master Chief) – WiiWare [Rumor/Fake]

    Super Doney Kong is actually the Japanese name for Donkey Kong Country. As for the screenshots you saw, those would be pretty easy to fake.

  6. Bret

    Whoops, silly me. I was thinking of the Japanese version of DKC. I guess I mixed ’em up like I always do.

    And like I said, I was pretty young to remember what the article (that had the screenshots) said.

  7. mother

    is that supposed to be taken seriously?
    looks very fake to me, in dkc birds are not intelligent beings, never were.
    banana birds is not an exception, only their mother is, Rare usually prefer furry mammals to play big roles

  8. Italix

    It’s so easy to tell it’s fake, even without the title. I’m just gonna list them one by one;
    -No new Kong name.
    -No sign of K. Rool. (Well, I’m pretty sure DKC3 did that, too. But it’s easy to tell KAOS was made by him.)
    -It took 3 years? What? They finished the other 3 in less than a year each.
    -DK64 was never on the N64DD. Only Mario Paint 64 or whatever it was called and the other versions.
    -Rare doesn’t strike me as the type to make two versions of something, unless it’s a remake or a KI port. :P

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