Jet Moto (Jet Rider) [PSX – Beta]

Jet Moto (Jet Rider) [PSX – Beta]

Jet Moto (aka Jet Rider in Europe) is a futuristic racing game developed by SingleTrac and published in 1996 by Sony for the PlayStation and PC. As we can read on Wikipedia, the developers chose to create jet motos instead of wheeled motorcycles due to concerns over polygon limitations.

Developers originally intended for players to be permanently out of a race when falling far off a track, however they came to realize that it was not fun for players “to be forced to go slow or suffer an instant defeat. Also, a set of courses set in a stadium were dropped as SingleTrac felt it did not fit the theme of the game.

In the gallery below you can see a series of screenshots from a Jet Moto beta, about 40% complete, with different models and backgrounds. Check the video from the final version for a comparison!

Thanks to Pcloadletter for the scan!


Video (from the final version):

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