Freedom Fighters [Beta – PS2 XBOX GC PC]

Freedom Fighters [Beta – PS2 XBOX GC PC]

Freedom Fighters its a third person shooter released for PlayStation 2, Xbox, Gamecube and PC, developed by Io Interactive and published by Electronic Arts, the game was announced in e3 2002 as Freedom: The Battle For Liberty Island and few changes have made. Diferrent HUD, there was a person detector, AK 47 used to have a bayonet, and Chris snow outfit was being used since the game beginning, the dot was yellow and huge and would turn red on enemies.

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in 2003 Chris outfit was changed to his plumber outfit for the first levels and the HUD was almost complete, the ak 47 with bayonet still there and health packs used a different icon.



Troy was equipped with an ak 47


Months before the game release, a demo was made available for PC and PS2, that contains the Post Office level.

In final version you can only complete this level when you blow up up the sniper post with a c4 earned in Police Station, then go back to Police Station and save Isabella to be allowed to continue, but she and the kid does not appear in the demo, nor even the freedom fighters from the building and Troy in Post Office.

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6 thoughts on “Freedom Fighters [Beta – PS2 XBOX GC PC]

  1. DCodes7

    Interesting info. However I’m skeptical about the demo bit in this post. I have the demo and the retail game, believe it or not. Yes you don’t meet any of the main characters in the demo (resistance commander, the brother of the main character, or the kid) that is a fact.

    however, has it been taken into account that the reason for the story characters absence in this demo, is so that developers don’t spoil any of the story, or who will make an appearance in the game? In my opinion, the demo in question seems like a gameplay demo more than anything else.

  2. raulito

    i have this game, and not is a demo
    first, excuse me for my english
    second, i have this game, full, no demo, and in spanish (i speak spanish)
    i don’t know the reason for this post, but the game freedon fighters exists, i playing alternatively with gta vice city, and is a greta games

  3. Ivan Druzhkov

    It’s not mentioned in the article, but the APCs in the beta screenshots above (which are BTRs of some variety) never appeared in the final game, save for a cinematic or two. As near as I can tell, they were replaced with Vodniks (the Russian equivalent of a Humvee), which transported enemy NPCs from off the map and dropped them off at various points on a regular schedule.

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