Worms Battle Rally [PS2 XBOX GC – Cancelled]

Worms Battle Rally [PS2 XBOX GC – Cancelled]

Worms Battle Rally is a cancelled racing / battle game similar to Mario Kart, that was in development by Team 17 in 2003 / 2004, probably planned for the Playstation 2, Xbox and GameCube. We can speculate that the gameplay was going to be similar to MK’s battle mode, at least from what we can see from the few screenshots preserved below, thanks to www.dream17.info.

Production on WBR was halted as part of the developer/publisher deal which resulted in Worms Forts: Under Siege.

Thanks to whitestrider for the contribution!


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3 thoughts on “Worms Battle Rally [PS2 XBOX GC – Cancelled]

  1. Espyo

    I don’t know, but the game wouldn’t seem to be playable like Mario Kart. It doesn’t seem like a racing game, it seems like a vehicular combat game. There are also health bars, messages about opposing worms being dead… I think that the game would have the regular worms play style, but on cars, and real time strategy, instead of turn-based.

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