Aqua Prophecy [Playstation – Cancelled]

Aqua Prophecy [Playstation – Cancelled]

Aqua Prophecy is a cancelled action adventure game that was in development by ASCII for the Playstation. The project was shown at E3 1997, but sadly it was never finished for some reasons. More info about this game can be found on IGN in an old interview / chat with Rob Fleischer from Ascii:

[email protected]: Tell us about Aqua Prophecy.

[email protected]: Aqua Prophecy is an underwater adventure where you are out to save the world. You must save the world from the prophecy of Nostradamus and you travel to various different underwater locals.

Dinosaur: “Like Tomb Raider, only all under water?”

[email protected]: Kind of, Dino.

Spelunx: “Is it like Ecco for Genesis?”

[email protected]: There is a lot of puzzle solving and not a lot of killing. You explore sunken pyramids, ships, planes.

Bizarro: “Have you been researching the Nostradamus prophecies for the game?”

[email protected]: Yes, it is true to form.

As with another cancelled aquatic game, Aqua by Scavenger, Aqua Prophecy’s gameplay could have been similar to Everblue (PS2) / Endless Ocean (Wii) by Arika or the Aquanaut’s Holiday series by Artdink.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution! Scan from GameFan magazine #5-8 and EGM ’97 Show Guide To E3


Video (E3 1997):

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3 thoughts on “Aqua Prophecy [Playstation – Cancelled]

  1. Phillip

    Man, E3 in 1997 seemed really cool. Just a TV running a trailer or demo and anyone could go by and play it or video tape it — it’s a lot more like going to a convention nowadays where the Indie Megabooth or Media Indie eXchange set up shop and you have all these indie devs just putting their PCs on tables in booths they whipped up overnight to show off their games to anyone who thinks they look interesting. Way cooler, way more genuine… just completely devoid of manufactured hype and overall less phoney than what E3 has been for awhile and still is now (IF E3 is even still around now in 2021… seems like there’s a great chance it won’t be coming back)

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