Squaresoft Mode 7 Demo [SNES – Tech Demo]

Squaresoft Mode 7 Demo [SNES – Tech Demo]

Squaresoft Mode 7 Demo is a “tech demo” made by Sunsoft for testing the system hardware of the Super Nintendo…

Squaresoft Mode 7 starts with Squaresoft logo and appears a exclusive “panda” on the screen:

The name of this character has been discovered with the ROM IMAGE, Panda Squaresoft Mode 7 Demo (PD) showed up on an SuperNintendo Emulator. You can read more about this cartridge at SNES Central!

Back in the mid 90s, Square set up a studio in Redmond, Washington, and produced the game Secret of Evermore. Keith and another person named Craig Bergman got to tour Squaresoft’s office as part of a high school job shadowing activity. While there,  Squaresoft scanned and put two drawings made by Keith happened to have into a Mode 7 demo (the other had a caricature of Craig).

In July 2010, this cartridge has appeared on Ebay, the curious about it, this demo have an similar controls to the airship parts of FFIV. This tech demo has been dumped years ago, and posted at the Internet

About the controls, you can flip the camera, zoom in, and stop the animation with start button… That’s all

Also, the scanned “panda” character made by Keith:

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7 thoughts on “Squaresoft Mode 7 Demo [SNES – Tech Demo]

  1. megalol

    this is fake!

    Final Fantasy IV creating in 1991, while a firm called just “Square Co.”
    “Squaresoft” brand appeared in 1992! and was used until 2003.

  2. Tim Stoddard

    Note, Squaresoft Brand first “appeared” in 1992, they could’ve changed it after the release of Final Fantasy IV. Also the quality of it looks too good to be fake in my opinion.

  3. gabrielwoj

    Well, SNESCentral is a big community site, what they search for the infos etc…
    Do a totally different rom is very hard, so I don’t think it’s fake…
    You can search on google, and it will appear on other sites too (but only the rom, there isn’t much sites with beta/unseen etc)

  4. badinsults

    Um guys, my article clearly says this was made during the development of Secret of Evermore, which came out in 1995, when Squaresoft was the name of Square’s US division.

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