Darkest of Days [PC X360 – Beta]

Darkest of Days [PC X360 – Beta]

Darkest of Days is a FPS developed by 8monkey Labs and published by Phantom EFX / Valcon Games in September 2009 for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360. DCodes7 found some beta differences in the promo screen shots for the game:

The character “mother” is only seen in the game as a pair of eyes on screen. In the beta, mothers eyes are green; In the final her eyes are a grey type color. In the same screenshot the panel in front of the character – witch access mission briefings – is black in the beta but a silver-grey in the final.



Different HUD:

Confederate soldiers from the American civil war are wearing brown hats; “none” of the confederate soldiers in the retail product wear those brown hats anywhere in any mission of the civil war missions.

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