Free Runner [Saturn – Cancelled]

Free Runner [Saturn – Cancelled]

Free Runner is a cancelled action adventure (?) that was in development in 1995 by Rebellion for the Sega Saturn. There are not many info about its gameplay, but a little background on the story and a couple of screenshots from a target render were found by Rod_Wod in an old Sega Power magazine. It seems that in Free Runner players would had take the role of a cyber hacker, who had to surf the net to investigate a brutal real-world killing. The game was shown (?) in some form at E3 1995.

If you know someone that worked on this game and could help us to preserve more info and media, please let us know!

Thanks to Rod_Wod for the contribution!


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6 thoughts on “Free Runner [Saturn – Cancelled]

  1. monokoma Post author

    Indeed, it seems that someone at Rebellion worked at ZCT Systems Group before. The post about Matrix Runner is scheduled for the end of october.

  2. Tim Parker

    Whilst unable to furnish any technical info on this game, I was the man whose voice and image was used to portray the beige suited, one handed South African drug dealer and child pornographer Herr Kruger. I had taught the girls from Rebellion first aid and had mentioned thespian leanings which is how I got involved. I have never seen any of the images taken and would be interested to see if any have survived in any form.

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