Rollcage (Team 17) [PSX SAT 3DO – Cancelled]

Rollcage (Team 17) [PSX SAT 3DO – Cancelled]

Rollcage is a cancelled racing game that was in development by Team 17 for the original Playstation, Saturn and 3DO. Even if the title is the same, this game is not the same Rollcage (a futuristic racer) developed by Attention To Detail and published by Psygnosis in 1999. Team 17’s Rollcage was a more traditional racing game, with “realistic” cars and tracks from the real world. There are no more info available on this project, but Celine was able to find some screenshots in CD Consoles magazine issue #7. Rollcage was never released on any platform, for unknown reasons.

Unclejun found a video from ECTS ’95 on a cover disc from Génération 4 issue #78 showcasing the game, it was supposed to be the first Daytona USA-like racing game on the PC, featuring a mix of stuntcar and stockcar gameplay and capable of 60fps on a Pentium.



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12 thoughts on “Rollcage (Team 17) [PSX SAT 3DO – Cancelled]

  1. Yakumo

    NIce find!

    They’ve got to be target renders. Poor target renders at that. Look how clean the number plate text is in the 3rd picture. Saturn couldn’t do this. Also look at how straight the textures are. The PlayStation couldn’t do that. So that leaves the 3DO but I doubt that could draw textures that clean either.


  2. ToAks

    This game is pictured in the Amiga box version of Speris Legacy (by Team17), i recall the pictures but i am unsure what the name was, anyway the game was meant to be released for Amiga 1200 aswell as PSX/PC.

    i can provide scans and so on if that is of interest as i still have the game (along with 1800 more)

  3. ToAks

    ugh, its early here.

    i meant, Rollcage by Team17 was teased in the game manual/box Speris Legacy.

    Psst: there was another one too, i’ll dig up the info if anyone is interested (email me)


  4. Ross Sillifant

    According to Team 17 themselves, this appeared to be PC Only at 1 point and they’ve said it was’nt a great original loss to see it canned, as it was basically a Sega Rally clone and not a very good one at that.

    As for Jaguar/3DO’s abilties to pull off decent renditions of a Sega Rally Clone?.

    Personally i don’t think either really had the ‘horse power’ to do it, games of this ilk more suited to Pentium PC/Saturn and PSone.

  5. Ross Sillifant

    So, i looked into the whole Team 17 and the Jaguar side of things and this is all from a coder within Team 17 itself..

    Both Atari and 3DO had approached Team 17 to sign them up as official developers, but Team 17 still hadn’t signed up to the Jaguar by the end of 1993 as they needed to see the Jaguar prove itself as commercialy viable platform.

    They had been in contact with Atari and were in possession of Jaguar technical documents,but didn’t even own a retail Jaguar console for evulation purposes at this stage.

    In February 1994 Atari announces Team 17 as an Official Jaguar developer..even though they had no Jaguar development system and nor did they in May of that year!.

    Whilst they viewed the Jaguar as a more attractive platform to develop for than the 3DO as it was cheaper…they didn’t sound that impressed with the hardware in private :-))

    From the source at Team 17:

    “High numbers doesn’t make a platform. Marketing and software does.
    3DO has tons more credibility than Atari, and Atari has had a habit of hyping products before release, and when the product finally ships
    (one year after promise) much of the hyperbole turns out to be just that.”

    ” Remember the Falcon hype? I actually thought of getting one when I saw the press releases from Atari claiming awesome graphics and processing
    capability for a very low price ($700?). When it was finally released it wasn’t so interesting anymore – it turned out to be much more expensive, and it’s performance didn’t live up to Atari’s claims.”

    “With the Jaguar, the history seem to repeat itself. It appears that the Jaguar isn’t going to cost $199 at all, but is going to sell for $250
    to $299. Add the cost of a CD to that, claimed to cost $200-$250, and you’re up to the 3DO player cost. Judging from the screenshots I’ve seen
    so far, the software isn’t going to be too hot either. I’ve seen better
    graphics in standard Amiga games. Very unimpressive.”

    Ouch :-))

  6. Ross Sillifant

    The games engine was supposed to use things like Horizon Pixel Blending, depth shading and full perspective texture-mapping.

  7. Ross Sillifant

    Team 17 were aiming for 70 fps on a pentium PC.

    Players would be offered choice of 10 cars, each handling differently, 20 different racetracks, including deserts, stunt tracks and multi-storey carparks.

    Opponent A. I was to be vicious, they’d happily shunt you into a tree or off the track.

    Cars would suffer damage, which would effect the handling and the speed.

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