Angel [Saturn – Cancelled]

Angel [Saturn – Cancelled]

Angel is a cancelled platform / action game that was in development by Scavenger for the Sega Saturn. Sadly there are just few info and a couple of screenshots about this lost project, found by Rod_Wod in an old magazine. It seems that players would have took the role of an angelic girl (?), to explore a gothic tower and other demonic areas to stop the devil from ruling the world… or something like that. A demo was shown at E3 1996, but we dont know if it was a playable one or just a video. In late 1996 / early 1997, Scavenger had to close down for economic problems and all the games that were in development in their studio were canned.

If you know someone that worked on this game and could help us to preserve more screenshots, please let us know!


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