Sonic Heroes [GC PS2 XBOX – Beta / Unfinished stuff]

Sonic Heroes [GC PS2 XBOX – Beta / Unfinished stuff]

Sonic Heroes is a platform game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, developed by Sonic Team USA and released in 2003 for the GameCube, Playstation 2 and Xbox.  Kieranmay linked us to many beta videos from the game, as you can see below! Many cutscenes were still unfinished and the songs were changed for the final version.

Also, as we can read at Sonic Retro, various Sonic Heroes betas were leaked online:

  • Sonic Heroes (GameCube prototype 10.8)
  • Sonic Heroes (GameCube prototype 11.18)
  • Sonic Heroes (MKDD Bonus Disc Demo)
  • Sonic Heroes (Xbox E3 version)

Thanks to Jason for the english corrections!


prototype of the early song “what I’m made of”

final version of what I’m made of

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9 thoughts on “Sonic Heroes [GC PS2 XBOX – Beta / Unfinished stuff]

  1. Bret

    The prototype version of What I’m Made Of was removed.

    SEGA must not really want everyone to know their earlier progress.

  2. epic

    Sometimes,this game can be whorse than Samari the pirated game.Those times are when you have to play as team rose.Man I hate that team!!!!

  3. Koopako

    aww i hope someone re-uploads that version of what i’m made of… i liked it better than the finshed version :S

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