[Project] Monster Party Beta Restoration

[Project] Monster Party Beta Restoration

Cubivore10 is working on a new Beta Restoration Project. This project is dedicated to restoring lost content and graphics to the cult-favorite NES game Monster Party. The first priority of this project is to remake graphics as they appear in beta shots of the game.

As of now, the only thing near completion is the first boss’ graphics, and the cursor at the start of the game. There are few beta-shots that show off what it originally looked like, however, some assumptions can be made about how things may have been changed or localized.

In addition to restoring beta graphics, on of the main goals of this project is to make the game more horror like, which is how fans assume it would have been which means more horror parodies, and more blood. That’s where you, the reader comes in!

If you have any interest and/or knowledge of editing games, then please, the Monster Party Beta Restoration Project needs you! “We” need somebody who can use graphic editors (currently using yy-chr) to edit graphics and pallets.

If you are interested in this project and want to resurrect a somewhat true-to-the-original Monster Party, please send any help and questions to [email protected]

Check the U64 article on Monster Party Beta to get a better understanding of what needs to be done. Also, please see below for screenshots and videos of what is currently done. Thank you! For more videos, check Cubivore10’s Youtube Channel.

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9 thoughts on “[Project] Monster Party Beta Restoration

  1. Makubeku

    monster party was also making reference to japanese parodies and stories, you can take by example the dancing zombies, wich probably were never changed from the beta since it makes a 100% reference at was intended to, you could try that

  2. Octorok_17

    Hmmmm……i’m pretty looking foward to this. Since the beta of Monster Party has always been of the most interesting subjects.

  3. ElvisDitto

    Oh yes. I’m helping you with this. I’ve started the first level. It’ll look soo good once done.

    But, what are we going to do with other characters? Like the Grim reaper? Or the Centor guy? What about the Shrimp? This will be a challenge, but a worth while challenge!! I can’t wait.

  4. Cubivore10

    I think we’ll have to leave certain things. I’d imagine not all things were changed…or at least not much. I think the shrimp and Wishing Well bosses were left in tact and maybe a few others.

  5. Octorok_17

    Hmmmm….i think some of the bosses(Minotaur,the Shrimp etc.) seen in the title screen were the original designs before they got changed ingame. Just saying though :P

  6. Newkillergenius

    Interesting project, I had no idea the game had changed so much when it went to the shelf- it makes more sense in the scene with the Venus Flytrap… good luck! Big MP fan!

  7. Judge Honesty

    It’s been three years, have you finished your restoration project or did you give up, like every other dream you’ve ever had?


  8. That'sABitHarshDon'tCryNow

    ^I think it’s more like they realized they can’t restore what they can’t see…Our look into the Japanese version was very limited and a project that carried this ambition was doomed to take liberties and “guesstimate.”

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