Airborne Ranger [SNES – Cancelled]

Airborne Ranger [SNES – Cancelled]

Airborne Ranger is a cancelled action game / third person shooter that was in development by Microprose for the Super Nintendo. The game was a sequel  / remake of the original Airborne Ranger released in 1987 / 1988 for Amiga and various PCs. As the original version,  we would have play as a sole airborne military to infiltrate enemy territory to complete various objectives. It’s currently unknown if the SNES version was going to use the same level system as the original game, that created maps and objective locations randomly so missions were never the same.

Some screens of the game were found in magazines Banzzai #14 and Super Power #12

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6 thoughts on “Airborne Ranger [SNES – Cancelled]

  1. Matt

    Damn! I loved the Commodore64 version of the game. The funny thing is when the game was loading it asked you a question about the game with the answers in the rule book. If you got it wrong the game wouldn’t load, lol.

    Excellent game though, would have loved a Snes sequel. There were rumors about a next-gen version popping up last year I think.

      1. monokoma Post author

        It was “confirmed” to be cancelled:

        Ash Monif’s LinkedIn page lists Airborne Rangers on this developer’s résumé as a cancelled project, so this shooter revealed in February ’08 is now dead. We never got any details on the project, but he describes the game as a subscription-free online shooter for PS3, X360, PC, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Web for which he produced “a fully functional Vertical Slice Demo.” The description also indicates this was a cross-platform game: “Key features included: Virtual monetary point system (reward & paid), Extensive character & weapon customizations, Pervasive cross-platform interactivity & mini-games, Compelling 3D social space, Web-Client, and Progressive in-game fiction timeline.”

  2. Ross Sillifant

    Loved Airborne Ranger on the C64.

    The thinking man’s Commando.

    Special Forces ST/Amiga was supposed to be a kind of spiritual successor, but wasn’t a patch on the original.

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