Powerslide 2: Slipstream [XBOX / PS2 – Cancelled]

Powerslide 2: Slipstream [XBOX / PS2 – Cancelled]

Set in a post-apocalyptic environment, the original Powerslide was a racing game developed by Ratbag Games and released for the PC on December 1998. In 2003 Ratbag were working on a (self-funded) sequel, know as Powerslide: Slipstream, but the project was canceled because they were not able to find a publisher interested in the game.

As we can read in the original press release, “Powerslide: Slipstream featured drive-anywhere environments full of jumps and action across twelve post-apocalyptic environments, including Berlin, Los Angeles, London and Sydney. Wheel-to-wheel collisions promise spectacular accidents, with special animated features on the vehicles, including moving fins and stream vents for slipstream mode.”



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8 thoughts on “Powerslide 2: Slipstream [XBOX / PS2 – Cancelled]

  1. dude

    This game looks fairly fun, lots of different paths and such.

    Now a days publishers have a bit more freedom to self publish smaller games then add on tracks and cars later with XBLA, PSN and Ninty store…it just a shame those outlets was not around then.

    I could see this selling 20$ with 3 tracks 5 cars and then 3$ a tracks 1$ a car.

  2. xsage

    Original Powerslide was an average to good racing game.. nothin more,
    it was too much polished and predictable, I guess

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