Necessary Force [Cancelled – Xbox 360/PS3/PC]

Necessary Force [Cancelled – Xbox 360/PS3/PC]

Necessary Force is a cancelled action game that was in development at Midway Newcastle. The game was supposed to be open-ended, with the player that would have been able to choose how to approach the mission. Unfortunately, Midway Newcastle shut down in august 2009 and the project had to be shelved. A preview of an early playable demo can be found on the EDGE website and, as we can read, the game sounded promising:

[…] the developer’s demo room is the result of only three months’ work, yet there is plenty to see, and in remarkably stable, consistent form. […]

As a police officer assigned to this beat, you’re looking at a clean-up operation, which due to the game’s construction will play out literally. As you eliminate criminal activity to make these streets safer, we’re told, they will transform. The ubiquitous graffiti will be scrubbed away. Boards will be removed from windows. Entire buildings will be replaced with shiny new constructions, putting a shop, say, were once there was a tumbling-down tenement.

Thanks a lot to Sam Chester for the help in preserving some screens of the models that he created for the game!



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Liam Robertson

2 thoughts on “Necessary Force [Cancelled – Xbox 360/PS3/PC]

  1. Samuel Dutton

    It looks like Detriot mixed with New York City, Mega City-One and Gotham City combined. I love this gritty dystopian semi-cyberpunk look they were going for.

    Despite the promising looks Midway Games Newcastle (Formerly known as Pitbull Syndicate) was an unproven developer, most of their games were mixed or negative with some exceptions such as TD: Brotherhood of Speed and Test Drive 4. Their two last games were L.A Rush and Wheelman. L.A Rush had negative reviews and Wheelman had mixed reviews.

    Overall I feel like Necessary Force if it wasn’t cancelled it would have either had the same result as Wheelman or wouldn’t have lived to it’s promises and would’ve gotten negative reviews.

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