Dead to Rights 2: Hell to Pay [PS2 / XBOX – Beta]

Dead to Rights 2: Hell to Pay [PS2 / XBOX – Beta]

Dead to Rights 2: Hell To Pay was the original concept that Namco created for their Dead To Right’s sequel, but that beta version was canned and then reworked, to make the final DtR2 that was finally published in 2005, for Playstation 2 and Xbox. The project was developed by Namco Hometek /  Widescreen Games and it seems that the game was supposed to be a real sequel instead of a prequel (as the released version).

As Vicente has noticed, in the early screens and videos the main character had different clothes than the ones he wears in the “prequel” and he had the scars in the hair that he only gets  in the first game. Also, it seems that the 3D engine in the beta version was the same one used in the original Dead to Rights, but it was “updated” for the published DtR2. It’s currently unknow how much of the original Deat to Rights 2 was kept in the prequel, but probably Namco decided to rework the game for quality reasons.

Thanks to Vicente for the contribution!


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4 thoughts on “Dead to Rights 2: Hell to Pay [PS2 / XBOX – Beta]

  1. Vicente

    looks like that dead to rights reckoning is hell to pay, since have the same graphics, enemy models and characters.

  2. Lance Boyle


    It definitely looks like this was the basis for DtR: Reckoning, since the motel is exactly the same as Reckoning’s, Jack Slater has the same clothes from the PSP game and the girl with the schoolgirl outfit is the same that you have to rescue (and then, in some odd twist, kill) on Reckoning. But the rest is all original content, I guess (although the nightclub from image 12 reminds me of the one from the GBA version of the first game)

  3. E-Squared

    I know that I am posting this a lot later than the other comments, but oh well, here I am. I had read some time recently that originally, Dead to Rights II was supposed to be different than what had come out. I remember as far back as 2004, there was plot about Jack going after some people who abducted the daughter of Preacherman Jones, and then it was changed to a political figure, as seen in Reckoning, which someone mentioned. Of course, this was nearly two decades ago, so I can’t find any information about it.

    As for anything else, I noticed that in one pictures, the model for the blonde stripper was then reused for Ruby in the final product. Ruby was Jack’s girlfriend in that game, but the model of her in the bikini was only used for a cutscene, as she wore a jacket and jeans for her subsequent appearances. I will say that I found another screenshot with that model, so I am not sure if she was supposed to be Ruby all along. Also, I noticed that the model for the female Asian gangster was used in Reckoning. So I suppose that the user who noted that Reckoning was actually Hell to Pay was right about it. Some other stuff was used in the final product, however.

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