The UnHoly [XBOX – Cancelled]

The UnHoly [XBOX – Cancelled]

UnHoly was a first person / horror action adventure that was in development in 2000 / 2001 for the original XBOX by OtherWorlds InterActive. It was originally announced in 1997 as a PC game and then it became one of the first XBOX exclusives, but they never found a publisher interested in the project.



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2 thoughts on “The UnHoly [XBOX – Cancelled]

  1. Vicente

    Funny the official site still online

    the engine used was jet3d, a engine that they created and a prequel was in development, called unholy: the demonologist

    in 2004 they released .zip files possibly containing something from the game, it can be downloaded using the wayback machine, i recommend to wayback to 2005.

    also the developer, Ken Dee was was offering his logo works in ebay, one of his works in the descrition was the game loading

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