New unused object found in Mario 64: the Beta Trampoline!

New unused object found in Mario 64: the Beta Trampoline!

Some days ago VL-Tone (creator of the wonderful Toad’s Tool 64 editor) found an unused trampoline object hidden in the Mario 64 code. The yellow question mark texture with a red background was already found some time ago, but now he was able to even find the polygon and the geo layout data, to repare the object into its original (?) form! As VL-Tone wrote in the topic:

This thing looks like some air switch which would work much like the red ground pound switch in Super Mario Galaxy. Or maybe it’s a trampoline. The line pattern on the red/yellow question mark texture indicates that this part would be compressed between the two checkerboard platforms when Mario jumps/pound on it.


Frauber was even able to recreate some of its functions, as you can see in the video below (from a hacked version of Flatworld with the banks that contain this trampoline loaded).

It’s interesting to notice that “there’s a lot of other polygon data left in the “blanked” ROM, which may or may not be unused stuff in the game” so we it’s possible that we’ll see even more unused M64 objects in the future. Huge props to VL-Tone and Frauber!

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