Crash Bandicoot XS / The Huge Adventure [GBA – Beta]

Crash Bandicoot XS / The Huge Adventure [GBA – Beta]

In Crash for the Gameboy Advance, a series of early screenshots show us some differences, like the Life Crate Icon, a weird character sprite, much thinner waterfalls, a removed Jet-Sub, different Temple Background and some unseen levels, not used in the final game. For more informations check the Crash Mania archive! Thanks a lot to HPZr!


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4 thoughts on “Crash Bandicoot XS / The Huge Adventure [GBA – Beta]

  1. Theodore Bialek

    Hello everyone, I’m Theodore Bialek.
    I have been Additional Game Designer, Graphic and Cinemated Art producer of Crash Bandicoot Huge Adventure and Crash Nitro Kart.
    In 2005 Vicarious Visions was in the process of developing a fifth Crash Bandicoot game, but unfortunately it was canceled. I have some some concept art and some in-game images of as it should appear.

      1. Theodore Bialek

        This game was planned for the Gameboy Advance console. It was to be the first Crash Bandicoot game with graphics similar 3D (like Crash Nitro Kart for Gameboy). I do not have bigger images, perhaps some other VV developer.

    1. HP Zoner

      If you’re going to create a hoax, the least you could do is put some actual effort behind it.

      Even if you ignore the extremely low quality of those screenshots (a telltale sign that you’re trying to hide something), every picture reuses several assets from different games. Coco, for example, is just an edit of a promotional Twinsanity picture, and Crash’s model in the first couple of screenshots is from The Wrath of Cortex.

      The first background is clearly pre-rendered, which doesn’t work with the whole 3D gameplay thing you went for. The second picture is a mini-boss from Ape Escape with Rilla Roo pasted on top, and most fans know he’s the one character who would probably never come back. The third screenshot just shows Crash Cove from CTR, with the pirate ship replaced with a monument and some crates added in for instant credibility.

      More importantly, I would think twice before using someone else’s identity. This isn’t as harmless as you might think it is.

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