The Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks [GBA – Unreleased]

The Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks [GBA – Unreleased]

The Phantom was an action game that was in development in 2003 at 7th Sense studios: even if the game was finished, the original publisher went bankrupt and there were some problems with the copyrights so it was never released.

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2 thoughts on “The Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks [GBA – Unreleased]

  1. Edward Kirk

    7th Sense Studios had a webpage on this game:

    “Phantom – the ghost who walks” is an adventure-arcade game, in isometric view, that mixes action parts with puzzlegame elements. A big business firm (The Chemtek Corporation) has set some research sites in the jungle of Bengalla isle to manage a series of genetic tests and pharmaceutical products synthesis. These centers are led by professor Herman Xanders and his daughter, the biologist Anne Xanders. But later some dangerous sabotages occur, and some workers of the company have been murdered and with them a young man of the “Bandar” tribe who worked as a guide. The young man’s family turns to the tribe chief who asks for help to Phantom. Phantom will have to solve a complex mistery and will be involved in a new adventure that concerns a secret tribe protecting the jungle and other holy places, the hidden company laboratories, the remains of a lost old civilization and, in the end, he will defeat an ancestral evil awaked by a fanatic young man, an unsuspected researcher, for his own dark pourposes.


    An exciting arcade-adventure game that will lead you to the wonderful Bandar jungle created by Lee Falk’s rich imagination.
    Excellent isometric graphic, plenty in detail.
    A big world to explore through spots of luxuriant jungle, research centers, dangerous remains, and lost civilizations.
    An intuitive “user-friendly” interface.
    Inventory: The player can carry with him weapons and items he can use through the adventure.
    Intereresting encounters with NPC.

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