Time Splitters 4 [Cancelled – Xbox 360 / PS3]

Time Splitters 4 [Cancelled – Xbox 360 / PS3]

Time Splitters 4 was the fourth installment of the FPS series developed by Free Radical Design. Sadly Free Radical “shut down” on December 18 2008. It was later confirmed that the company had gone into administration, leaving 40 of the original 185 staff still employed, but the future of Time Splitters 4 has become uncertain and maybe it will never be finished and released. The studio was bought by Crytek, the developers behind the Crysis series and Free Radical have changed their name to Crytek UK. It’s currently unknow if TS4 could ever be finished and released by Crytek. [Infos from Wikipedia]



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14 thoughts on “Time Splitters 4 [Cancelled – Xbox 360 / PS3]

  1. Kevboard

    i think its comming!!! because Crytek saved FreeRadical! and because TS is one of the best shooter of all time!!!

    1. monokoma Post author

      I really hope to play TS4 sooner or later, but i’m scared that with most of the original team now gone, it could not be as much fun as the old TS

  2. Dan

    just an FYI TS4 and Battlefront3 are not in the works. One being that they said that when theres a demand for it they will start on it. Stop saying its in development when its not.

  3. Anonymous

    man fuck crytek they can crwal into a hole and die. ima be pissed if theres no ts4. its the best i cant belive they keep making that gay gay gay gay game crysis. man fuck that game ts beats it out hell ts1 beats it out and that had no story they better make a ts4 or ill make it personal to shut that corp down and theres ways to do it damn it.

  4. FDGOD

    if crytek make ts4 ill be complete for the collection but it doesnt matter if they dont make it, all of the timesplitters together makes ts6 lol lmao

  5. Jimmy Love



  6. SMazza47

    Timesplitters is so unique and different from so many FPS. It’s all we have now is a bunch of Halo and Call of crap clones. I like the old Halo games but after Halo part10 it gets stale I want a REAL Timesplitters game not some remake peace!

    1. monokoma Post author

      Time Splitters 2 is still my favorite FPS for multiplayer, so much faster than anything else, and the crazy characters to chose from were awesome, a new episode could be epic even if i don’t play much deathmatch anymore :O

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