Winter [Wii – Cancelled?]

Winter [Wii – Cancelled?]

Sometime ago IGN wrote an interesting article on a cancelled game from N-Space, a survival horror named “Winter”, that was in development for the Wii in 2007. Sadly it seems that the project was stopped because of “the restrictions imposed upon the Wii market by third-party publishers simply unwilling to take a gamble on a more traditional project”. You can read more about it in here. It’s possible that after all this good promotion, the game could attract some new publishers, so that N-Space would be able to finish the works  on Winter and release it sometime in the future. Maybe.

Thanks to Robert Seddon for the contribution!



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8 thoughts on “Winter [Wii – Cancelled?]

  1. RhuBarb

    Very much based on Silent Hill for Ps1 then.
    The film music suited this quite well and i think they should have continued with the project….

  2. Mechzx

    You know there is a petition going around to get this game started back up kwing has a link leading to the petition.

    1. monokoma Post author

      Somehow they could re-start to work on Winter (even if i think that an online petition is not that much useful), but i really wonder how many copies it could sell in the current Wii-market..

  3. Shoyz

    How many copies -wouldn’t- sell?
    It’s a mix of Silent Hill and Resident Evil PS1, this is the kind of title that I think deserves to be bought (Which hardly ever happens to me).

  4. NBitch

    O_o !!! that thing with the long black hair is very scary, IT´S TOO UGLY!!
    at least the protagonist is very pretty so she can distract me from that thing.

  5. SilenceoftheHills

    Trust me, this game would have been better then that of Silent Hill:Shattered Memories, which never had to be a re-imaginning of SH1, but a sequel. Not like Alessa’s burning had to be the only looks, seeing SH2 and 4 had a modified different appearance. Could be damp depressing ice, H-G-Giger’s artwork or any other nightmarish look.

    I think this looks freakier then the SAME SAME SAME enemies you’ll see in SM:SM and the track meet running for any otherworld visit you do with no atmosphere and just blatent excitment for fear rather.

  6. SilenceoftheHills

    More info for the newbies. The official facts say that SH2 and even Origins cant happen until after the largest shift in SH1, which brings Cyble to Harry in the otherworld. This is when Alessa’s original world of her agony, with the town’s power.

    The otherworld looks anyway the protagonist sees it.

    Basically, I’m saying that this would have been the SH:SM if not cancled. Its better then a sequel trying to also rehash SH1. SH:SM’s story was fine as a sequel, maybe of a resident living within SH during the shifting of events which lead people to leave the town/other.

    Winter looked like a very fine game at that.

  7. SilenceoftheHills

    Dagg it, the comment got screwed up and there isn’t any edit button.

    EDIT: This is when Alessa’s original world of her agony, with the town’s power, combine or intertwine and becomes able to branch into multiplicity.

    So, all other on SH as a traditional purgatory for the dead = fail…ha.

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