RS Links: Little Big Adventure

RS Links: Little Big Adventure


Another list of interesting links from Robert Seddon, this time about cancelled ports and early versions of Little Big Adventure, one of the most fascinating adventure games that was released for PC and Playstation.

From an interview with Frédérick Raynal on the Magicball Network, we can read about the unreleased GBA port of LBA:

Assassin: a couple of years ago there were plans of porting LBA1 (and 2?) to the GBA. Have you been thinking about maybe porting them to one of the new systems?

Frederick Raynal: Didier did a good work on LBA GBA, it’s a shame
it’s never released. I would love to see ports on portable consoles,
if LBA3 starts there are good chances…

it seems that LBA for the Gameboy Advanced was finished, or at least in a playable form.. really a shame. Maybe on DS?

On Wikipedia there are a couple of notes on the development of LBA (but lacking citations):

It was initially planned as a SNES game, making use of the Super FX chip for real-time 3D game components.

In early previews, it was said that the player could drive vehicles in the game. This wasn’t implemented in the final version because of lack of time and the idea was kept for the game’s sequel, Little Big Adventure 2.

Another list of various versions of LBA:

Beta Version August 1994: This version is unique, in that it had encrypted texts, and a slightly different scene format than the final version. Also notable for having separate external .DIA, and .ORD, files (encrypted for some reason), instead of a single TEXT.HQR file. Available for download from the Magicball Network.

It’s also interesting to notice that Frederick Raynal worked on 2 other cancelled games, Agartha (Dreamcast) and Trium Planeta (GameCube/PC). Raynal even helped with the production of Soul Bubbles, one of the best DS games ever. He offered “spiritual and game design guidance” to the game’s creators. You can find our article on the beta of Soul Bubbles in here.

Thanks as always to Robert Seddon for these links!

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