Good quality videos for N64 betas!

Good quality videos for N64 betas!

In Grooveraider‘s Youtube Channel we can see a couple of videos from the E3 1996 Nintendo 64 USA debut, in an awesome quality and with some previusly unseen (or at least rare) beta scenes!

After the E3 Press conferrence the Press was given this B-ROLL for newstations and media alike.”

Huge props to Grooveraider!

Video 1:  (Mario 64, Star Wars, Pilot Wings)

Mario 64 beta:

  • Different M64 title
  • Early M64 HUD
  • Beta spiders in the Hazy maze Cave (with eyebrows? ahah WTF?)
  • Beta Pokey in Sand Land
  • Beta Big Boo

Video 2: (KI Gold, Wave Race, Mario Kart, Blast Corps, Kirby’s Air Ride, Star Fox)

Wave Race beta:

  • Beta hud
  • unknown level
  • 4 subcheckpoints
  • 5 drivers

Super Mario Kart R beta:

  • Beta HUD
  • Beta item-boxes
  • Beta Character icons
  • Kamek!

Blast Corps beta:

  • Beta “Nuclear-Truck”

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