U64 2009 Fundraise: donate now.

U64 2009 Fundraise: donate now.

What: rising money
Why: to pay the server that keeps up Unseen 64
How: your donations
When: now!
Why: because you love unseen games.

Unseen 64 is an independent site.  No money is generated from our work so we must pay each and every server bill ourselves. If you want to help Unseen 64 to survive and if you can donate some of your love, we accept contributions through PayPal / Credit Card. You can just donate how much or little you want. Every cent is really appreciated and sent towards the U64 Archive. Thank you for even reading this :)


Thank you <3


In the last few months it was an hard time for U64, with lots of server problems and the high cost of traffic, we had to search for more donations and for a cheaper server. At last we were able to find a good server for cheap, but it had a monthly bandwidth limit.. so in December 2008 we had to “close” the site to not going down and only U64-members were able to login.

Later we had some talk with our server provider: they are really a lovely group of geeks, they made us a great offert so we should be able to re-open the site for everyone soon and this time we should have more bandwidth.

Thanks to all the people that have donated for the cause (Gilgalegrouik, Stereo, Miccha, Shoyz, Annah & Bamper), we were able to pay most of of the bill for 2009! We should be able to pay the rest with the various banners / ads, so there are hopes to see Unseen 64  everyday without too many problems :) Thanks again to all the donators! We really appreciate your love. If more people want to help too, all the exceeding funds will be used for the next year server bill and emergency costs.

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