The Toon Panic 64 proto has finally leaked!

The Toon Panic 64 proto has finally leaked!

Some days ago those wonderful people from Team Carrot and No-Intro have leaked the Toon Panic proto that was sold around from collectors to collectors from many years. It seems that one of the owners of the original proto cart decided to share this interesting piece of N64 history with everyone, so finally we can play it.. or at least we can try it for about an hour. Sadly Bottom Up went bankruptcy too soon and the Toon Panic Project was not finished: “Toon Panic is an original N64 game. It is a 3D arena fighting game in the spirit of Power Stone on Dreamcast. The game was never achieved due to the bankruptcy of its developer, Bottom up. Unfortunately the game is far from beeing complete. There is nice intro with a cool music, no main game, a multiplayer mode but without IA and some debug features.” To be able to try the unfinished multiplayer mode, you need to find it in the japanese options menù (use the 2° controller to move). You can download the Toon Panic proto from the X-Cult mirror. If you are too lazy, just take a look at this video:

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