Crash Twinsanity [PS2/XBOX – Beta]

Crash Twinsanity [PS2/XBOX – Beta]

From early screenthos of Crash Twinsanity, we can notice that some stuff were different in the beta version: a character and some levels were removed (Foofie, the Lava Caves, Gone A Bit Coco), there were Bats in N. Sanity Island, the 10th Dimension area was different, Slip Slide Icecapades had a completely different layout and Farmer Ernest’s farm changed its location during development. A prototype of Twinsanity was know as “Crash Bandicoot Evolution” and it was meant to be much different and larger than the final game. For more informations about these differences, check Crash Mania! Thanks a lot to HPZr!



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4 thoughts on “Crash Twinsanity [PS2/XBOX – Beta]

  1. Nikki

    Didn’t you forget the concept art picture for Gone a Bit Coco? And why didn’t you put in the picture with Foofie tieing Crash’s arms around?

    1. monokoma Post author

      Probably i missed some images :( Maybe one day i’ll have more free time and i’ll be able to make a proper update of these! In the meantime, we can always hope that someone else could update them :P

  2. TheGrayKirby

    The bats in front of the cave in Jungle Bungle are actually still there! You just need to pull off some trick jump spin to kill them! I unfortunately forgot which video I found that in :(

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